TP-LINK N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router

Pros: cost effective for a dual band router. The ability to do a guest network makes it real apealing since that is normally found on high end routers. It has an on and off wifi switch in the event wifi needs to be reset on game consoles due to ip address errors, and a power button, something missing from the routers i have gotten.instead of a hidden reset button common on Lynksis routers, it uses the WPS button also to reset if held in long enough. That is nice since some have the reset button inside it, such as Lynksis routers.

Cons: no QoS, which is common on a lot of routers that are bought in store. Loss of QoS means that if multiple devices are connected, the device doesnt handle priority. It also seems to not broadcast the guest network if WDS is active, which is its repeater function.

Overall, it is effective and gets the job done. Well worth the price.