Tracker Bluetooth Tracking Device - 2pk

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Tracker Bluetooth Tracking Device - 2pk
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This is one of those items where I have no clue what I would do with but still want. How have others used these?

I picked these up from the Indiegogo campaign. Put one in luggage, one in a camera bag and one on keys. The other 7 that I got I left in the box.

Never lost the luggage, camera, or keys. I did, however, lose the box with the other 7. The irony is not lost on me.

These are junk from personal experience; I have 2 and neither worked. They are hiding their real name for a good reason, look at the name in the closeup :slight_smile: You can find “Smead Stick-N-Find” on Amazon, they have the worst reputation and tried to change their name there too. The reviews are dead on, pass on this one.

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s used these maybe on a cat collar? I have a very skittish cat, who loves to hide!

You do not own these. Either you work for Smead and have reason to peddle their junk or your mistaken. They only come in packs of 2 or 4, not 10…

So you got one for the Irony too then?

Hey doofus, he said he got them from the indiegogo campaign. Look at what you get for a 99$ donation. It’ possible he could have been one of those 6,212 early buyers.

Lets go with the third option. I said, I backed on the Indiegogo campaign, where they did offer a 10 pack.

I have commented on the previous sale, and I still feel the same way.

I don’t work for them. I feel like the product that was promised wasn’t delivered. I did back the pack of 10.

[QUOTE=CowboyDann, post:10, topic:430112]
They sell both but this does not come in packs of 10. I think he has the TrackR Bravo, not the SMEAD. That campaign closed on January 2013 and the people there also say it’s a total crap product.

Ok, but your first comment made it sound like the 3 worked just fine and you lost the other 7. I tried to get mine to work and had issues:

  1. firmware update fails with “tracker out of range”. When you cancel the update, it warns you will lose contact with it permanently yet it will never finish no matter how long you wait…
  2. Range is poor, about 10ft
  3. Sometimes they don’t respond when you are right next to them.
  4. The radar locks up after a couple seconds making it useless
  5. One tag was DOA for days. Finally figured out you have to squeeze it for the battery to make contact and it will just go dead on its own making it useless.
  6. Neither of them respond to page on demand and neither of them light up as advertised.
  7. Only one attempted to update Firmware and failed, the other never attempted.

This is not the same as indiegogo, this is Tracker, Indiegogo sells TrackR bravo… Spelling not the same, even the specs.

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Is there a similar/competing product that actually does WORK???

Something like this would be valuable, particularly if the alarm could be placed on the item itself.

Some loser stole my portfolio book on the first day or a big convention in Vegas. I would like an ear-piercing alarm to go off if it’s stolen again. Most importantly, the alarm needs to be with the crook, so I can locate him/her, then have him/her beaten to a pulp by hired goons.

Also, searching for hired goons. :slight_smile:

FOFA on Amazon works as promised and every device can find every other device, no phone needed. It’s a simple RF device but it is quite reliable and will beep if you are close to what you are looking for even if it can not be heard. BT 4.0 is a promising protocol for location devices but no one has made a device that lives up to the protocol potential.

I am disappointed in tracker and I am talking about TrackR from indiegogo. the only thing worth while about them is the fact that they make noise when you want them to. They are extremely delayed in letting you know you left your stuff behind and one of them has already crapped out after all of 2 months of having it, which is great when I am trying to find my keys. The range is also another substantial problem, you have to be within about 10-12 feet for your bluetooth phone to even connect with it. It is a great idea, but definitely needs work. pass.

I second all of these claims

no no no n o no no n o


If you want to throw away your monies go right ahead…

I bought the m from the startup program… total crap. you have to have a phone that dose bluetooth 4 …
they sent an update chip with new firmware… i got a couple to work at thetime of the update … but when they went to sleeep i could not wake it up… so if you update then loose it u should be able to find it may be…but once in sleep mode forget it…

no help from the company either…


Funny,I knew exactly what he meant.He never lost the items and so never tried to use these to find them.Your comment was rude and wrong on all points.Doesn’t make you look good.