Tracker Bluetooth Tracking Device - 2pk

Why does Woot seem to want to trash its reputation by continuing to offer this product that is so consistently and thoroughly poorly reviewed?

Just look at the prior offerings feedback before giving up your $34.

From the Google Play App store for the app that sometimes connects to these thingies:

“Free app and I still want my $0 back!”

I bought these “Stick n find” things from a Kickstarter offer last year.

The software was terrible and they never worked correctly. After wasting several hours I threw them in the garbage.

I DO NOT recommend these unless you’re willing to pay to fruitlessly tinker.

IMO WOOT should not offer them over and over.

Grandpa dropped these in the slots… No payoff.

I actually got mine in the mail today from the last time they were here. So far, so meh. The first trick is finding the app (Tracker Sticker, not “Tracker”) in the Play store. The next trick is registering, which can (apparently) only be done from your Android/Apple device, not through their own website. And their website has NO support, just the product demo video. And the app keeps telling me that my tracker isn’t registered, so it won’t show it to me on the map. And I have no idea how to register the tracker, since neither the app nor the website has any instructions. And I just tried the “leash” function. It does not appear to work.

Your own or someone else’s?

I found that the “SticknFind” app works better with these than the “Tracker Sticker” app, which would not even pair with one of the two stickers I bought. That said, even the “SticknFind” app has problems. It keeps sending random “Tap alerts” to my phone that never stop playing until I manually stop it. I cannot honestly say this product works as advertised. The map app is useless because of the short range and the radar app cannot accurately tell you what direction the object is.