Tracker Bluetooth Tracking Device

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Tracker Bluetooth Tracking Device
Price: $14.99
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Can I use it on my mind? I seem to lose that often.

I ordered Tile from Kickstarter back in June 2013. If I had known I would still be waiting for delivery, I would have just bought this instead.

$15 for one of 'em? I was hoping to see it was a 3 pack, or 5 pack, or something. Tracking 20 devices would cost you $300.

How does the phone or app tell distance? Does it read BT signal strength? And can it tell direction? I don’t see how with only one antenna.

what would I need to track? I don’t have a dog or small children. I’d like to get one, but for what?!

The TV remote

So if you look at the imprint on the device, it says “sticknfind”. The Sticknfind devices was sold as an Indiegogo campaign that resulted in a large number of unhappy buyers (me included). These devices ONLY work with select Samsung Galaxy phones and I think iPhone.

Also, even if they do work, they’re buggy as hell. I strongly suggest saving your $20.

I’d track my desert tortoise, think it is a he… About 3 months old and fits in the palm of my hand. Hard to find when let loose to graze in the yard. I’d like to know how accurate this is. Some day it will be big enough to easily find but for now…

Does anyone know if this beeps if it gets out of range? Or can I make it beep from my smartphone?

As I understand it, the original Bluetooth technology works within 30 feet and the new low power version within 100 feet. Does one need a newer smartphone to get the longer range? Specifically, will my Samsung S3 work, or do I need to upgrade to the S5?

I’m going to put it under the bumper of my car, for parking lots and stuff.

Your post is pretty scary, but the links you provided answered my question: it should work with my S3, but I’m still not sure of the range. They have some interesting videos and suggested uses. I’m still trying to decide what to use it on, but your post suggests it is an epic fail.

Is this one star-rated item the same thing? If so, yeah, looks like epic fail. Thanks for the heads up.

Yup, one and the same.

What’s a 100 ft. good for anyhow?

Wow, I’m not the only one? As I remember, I saw the ad for Tile here on Woot!

What if one loses the BlueTooth tracker, say the battery died, than how would one find it? o.0. Someone’s mind was just blown.

I got mine through Indiegogo too. My experience is the same. I wouldn’t even get one if they were giving them away. And that’s because Sticknfind’s customer service was horrible. Only buy if you need frustration in your life.