Tracker Bluetooth Tracking Device

Complete garbage. Look at the reviews for Stick and find on Amazon.

Woo!!! I love how much these trackers don’t work at all!!! I was so excited when I bought some only to find that they were an utter and complete failure as a product.

If you really want to spend $24.99 plus $5.00 shipping, I suggest you go put $5.00 in your gas tank and go to the wine store and get yourself a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.

You’ll end up with less of a headache than if you would have boughten these too…

These things work amazing. Its a must have for every wooter out there. BTW I have 2 for sale for 19.99 plus FREE shipping. New in the package. Did I forget to mention FREE shipping? :slight_smile:

This must be the thing I’ve been getting non-stop spam about for the last two months. Never lose anything ever again!!!


A total waste of my money. The app you need to use them is rated 1.5 starts, 1 is the lowest, crash all the time and try yo do a bios update in the device that never complete.