Tracker Bluetooth Tracking Device

This do not work!!! Woot had been trying to unload this on people for months. Total ripoff!

The last tume they had these they were 19.99 for a 2 pack. I know because ive bought them

I wasted too many hours trying to find an app that was even intended for these, then trying to get them to pair.

Never got one working. Too bad to, because I’d actually like to have something like this that WORKED.

it’s got to be emitting isn’t it?
Has no one found a compatible app?

Considering Bluetooth is only rated to 10m (about 33 feet), and anyone with any real world experience with BT devices knows that actually getting that is a miracle, how are these possibly good to 150 feet? I recognize that you don’t need a strong signal like with a speaker, so something weak maybe… 50 feet? But 150 feet? Sounds wicked fishy. Lots of negative reviews, anyone have anything good to say about them? Anyone?

The correct iOS app to search for is StickNFind. When searching the App Store, make sure to pick iPhone Only. I was looking on the iPad and it wasn’t coming up until I selected iPhone Only and then the app showed up.

I’m in for 2 sets. Hopefully it won’t be a waste of money. I like the idea of these trackers, and having one that uses a replaceable battery is favorable over the disposable ones like Tile.

Talking about not finding apps, under Features it says the android app is found “here”, yet when I go there is says “Item not found, try again!” Nuff said?

What others have said, does not work at all! Give it up Woot!

Yah, that’s a pretty bad sign. I searched the store for the app author derived from the URL, and only found one hit for some BT device’s remote control:

Doesn’t speak well for the product or the people producing it if they can’t even manage to keep the app for their product going in the Play store.

if you google “sticknfind” which is what is printed (in the pix) next to the fcc ID number, you find the company, and their web page talks about an app and the product does look similar to this one… google play searching for sticknfind takes you to this app

can someone who HAS these try this app and get back to us, ?? I agree, I think the promise of these bluetooth trackers are great, and it’d be cool to get them at this price, but dont want to waste money on garbage… on the other hand, sounds like everyone here hasn’t really had a chance to use them due to lack of the proper app… maybe w/ right app we can get some good feedback… thanks

dunno if people get flagged automatically when something is added to the discussion, or if you do when directly replied to, but just in case – see my post below - I think I found the relevant app- can you give it a go and see if they work any better for you?

These were posted yesterday. I commented on them and their horrible quality, Woo Kickstarter!!! Apparently, they removed the listing and relisted them as both the negative reviews that were there yesterday are gone now.

Super Shady Woot! :frowning:

But yes, these don’t work well at all.

Another conspiracy theory to bust. Here’s the thread.. We didn’t remove it. It’s just hard as heck to find with all these blasted threads now.

I have had some on order for four months with no nope of receiving them, yet, they can “liquidate excess inventory on Woot!?”

Shady characters, DO NOT BUY!

Wait. An order from woot?

These are the worst! Both the hardware and the software are complete crap. If you mess with them long enough, as I did, you can maybe eke out something that passes for functionality, but total waste of money. There are Bluetooth trackers that actually work well. This is not your solution.

Sorry, you just threw away good money. I fell for these once, also bought two sets. There is no software that works with them. You can find some similar, but can’t get it to stay connected.

USELESS!! WOOT should throw these out and stop alienating customers with known junk.

Do NOT buy these. I was never able to get them to work for Android.

i bought 10 of them on the startup…i could only pair 2 which kept dropping the signal… i would glad sell you one for a buck