Tracker Bluetooth Tracking Device

Can’t believe they are still trying to dump this junk. They don’t work, look at the Amazon reviews for stick n find.

This does not work with the iOS 9 platform. My app crashes with Bluetooth enabled (which is something required to use the device). A terrible purchase. Do not buy.

These work pretty good. I have a Iphone with IOS9.2. I have had no problems.

However, you need to use the StickNFind app not the older app that is mentioned in the instructions.

Bought 3 of the POSs. If you are within eyesight of your device these ‘might’ work.

Buyers should be able to hold the manufacturer criminally liable for this thing.

Sorry, Dude.

You just threw money away.

These remind me of the somewhat more functional, yet ultimately just as useless, ZOMM “wireless leash”, made by a company that appears to have gone out of business and with it the only means of changing its settings or using it, a browser-based app that connects to a server that appears to no longer exist.

It should be illegal to sell any device that requires a back-end server run by the company that makes it to use or maintain. Imagine buying a car or TV that stops working if the company that makes it goes under.

My experience is that when they work—which they will, eventually, if you’re close enough, and you just keep trying—the hunting mechanism is slow and imprecise.

In short they are occasionally a modest aid in finding things and more often take longer than simply tearing the room apart. And no, they won’t tell you which room to tear apart because you mostly won’t be able to get started unless you’re in the right room. Only on average it takes half-a-dozen attempts to get a signal, so simple going from room to room and trying to ping them is inefficient and not guaranteed.

BTW—don’t be fooled by the appearance of the screen when hunting for them: you get only relative distance and no direction data.

Junk! Can’t believe Woot is still stealing people’s money with these! Loss trust In Woot since Amazon bought them out!

Bought 2 a couple of months ago and had to return them.
The app that goes with this item doesn’t work (for Android anyway)
Lots of complaints about this.

The best use I could think of for this would be on luggage at an international airport, and it’s probably a use that would get you arrested. Oh, well.

Ya I bought 2 last time around
and could not get them to work.
They are made by a Spanish company
maybe they work over there.
They sure don’t work here.

I bet Fitbit could make a spinoff product similar to this. I once lost my fitbit Flex. I recalled having it the day before and probably lost at a high school football game I attended. I got out my phone and opened the app. I just walked around the bleachers until it finally synced. I went down below and found it on the ground. I was happy.

Tracker app doesn’t exist in playstore. Website for gadget doesn’t exist. TOTAL PC OF TRASH!!! This is a rip off.

bought one of those POS too

I have never been motivated to post in a Woot forum before so know that it took me seeing this POS product BACK on Woot to motivate me to do something I would not normally do. These things are HORRIBLE. They do not work unless you are, like, 5 feet from the item. And then they stop working. A fool and his money are soon parted. I was a fool. Don’t be a fool.

Thank you to everyone who let me know these are crap. I lose my keys all the time and I’ve been tempted by these things. I finally noticed them on Woot and almost pulled the trigger but I decided to check the comments.

If you guys want one that ACTUALLY works, It has gotten good reviews, and the app works wonderfully. You can even reverse search if you have your keys but lost your phone.

If you use the referral code (you don’t have to use mine, just make sure you use one), you get one for free. That means that if you only order 1, you get get 2 for $15 each. There’s free shipping, too, so it’ll actually be cheaper than these damn things.

Gotta add my two cents as well. I got taken by these pieces of garbage way back when it was just an Indigogo campaign. All bad comments are true. They are useless. No range, only work some of the time, beep when they shouldn’t, etc. They’ve changed the name and marketed them in multiple places but its the same junk if it looks like the pic.