Trademark Innovations Portable Folding Table

Trademark Innovations Portable Folding Table

Broken…cannot buy…circle loop with amazon pay arrgghhh

Closed the app and tried again, still broke

So… the app’s not very innovative? Unlike this spectacular table!

Forced stop woot app, still frozen with amazon pay

So do i have 2 uninstall woot and then try again or reboot my phone or what?

Not sure? Sorry.

Fork a duck

Honestly, i have learned about many of the oddities of woot over time…but just super frustrated about the quirks, which cause unpredictable behaviour, with no explanation which means we loose…missed the deal, and we were there…1 second when it hit…hit enter at the start…and this silliness…trying 2 b civil

This was not helpful at the time trying to buy, yes buy, and it sold out b4 i could remedy issue, on my own…using all the help guidance given 2 me over last year from other wooters…the frikin thing just is very unpredictable, unreliable

Personally, I just go desktop unless I’m fishing for crap. It usually means I miss out on a lot of the hot items though. Alternatively, running the app through an emulator like BlueStacks might give you another option if you don’t mind being tied to monitoring your computer.

I thank u 4 this suggestion…i dont have a desktop that works