Traeger Digital Pro Controller

Traeger Digital Pro Controller

Is this labeled wrong? You show it as a BAC315 which is not a pro controller. The pro controller is BAC365 which comes with two meat probes.

Thank you for the call out. Title has been updated.

So which one is it? The title and picture is still misleading.

You’re gonna have to help me out here.

We’re selling this one

And that looks the same as the BAC315 on this site.

I would need to physically see the item being sold. The BAC315 has an orange display but does not have the additional meat probes. The BAC365 has a blue display and has the two probes.

The BAC315 is not the “pro” controller and does not come with additional probes

also the description it’s contradicting on Amazon.

We removed the “Pro” from the title. The specs say it comes with 2 probes so we’re good there. I think that’s it?