Trail Embers Fire Pit and Grill

Trail Embers Fire Pit and Grill

So it’s a grill that is bigger and heavier to carry and when you try to cook the grill swings in the air. Brilliant.

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Place in location and leave it there. No digging up yard for pit and hearing wife complain. Pretty good option.

This unit is heavy duty aGREAT fire pit that sits up higher and no bending over plus a grill if you so desire
Great price WOOT!!!

How badly will this rust?

This is an ideal set up for places where you want a decent sized fire pit but aren’t allowed to have ground fires, like a campground. By only having 3 points that touch the ground and keeping the heat up off the ground this abides by the principles of leave no trace.

If you’re camping, because it’s higher makes it harder to extinguish by relieving one’s self.