Trainer Brands Mats

I love Sellout, only because I know some of you have this stuff and probably wouldn’t mind telling us about it.

So how have these been working out for you?

These were on Woot a couple months ago and I bought one, and it’s actually really good! I’ve bought cheap ones before and they provide no cushioning and make stretching really uncomfortable, but this didn’t do that.

Mine have been getting a great workout. I have a Volleyball version in front of the washer and dryer, the Core version along side my standing studio desk, and that lovely pink Pilates number has a special place in the garage by the door. Oh, I should mention I flipped the design side down and am using them for stress mats. They are getting a good workout, not I am working out.

My nephew loves the yoga mat I bought for him. He likes how durable it is, and how helpful the exercises are that are printed on it. I might even get myself one next time I see it here.

:frowning: Looks like they sold out fast. I planned on buying several. I need to check earlier I guess.

I would have bought all 3 of these mats, I’m bummed about the sellout. My dad’s been asking for the golf mat. Please bring them back & there has to be a way to let us know about the woot plus items too!

My god! I was just talking about these and how I wanted to buy them, and they’ve already been listed and sold out before I get to them!

Bummer that they are sold out and bummer that they never had the ball. That thing is good exercise if you know how to use it, which I don’t. Maybe next time.

I bought a few of these previously from Woot.I gave one to my dad after he told me about the exercises his doctor and chiropractor recommended for his back. So far both mats have been great! I’ve had others with claims of being non-slip, etc and were too thin and did slide. Not these. Highly recommend Trainer Mats, when you can get your hands on them anyway. :slight_smile: