Tramonto Russian River Rosé of Pinot (5)



Tramonto Russian River Rosé of Pinot Noir 5-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $109.20) 45% off List Price
2011 Tramonto Rosé of Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County
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I was about to buy… until I noticed it was for (5) bottles.
Then my brain kicked in and stopped my hand from buying it due to my per-bottle budget restraint on wine


So, this wine was supposed to make it to the Austin Woot tasting, but it showed up a little late. Fortunately, it still showed up prior to the Woot offer, so I got to taste it tonight.

I’ve got a very narrow window for what I like in Rosé, and this Tramonto hits all my buttons. It is a beautiful coral color in the glass. Probably one of the nicest looking Rosés I’ve seen in a while.

It’s bone dry, with nice/medium acid. I get lots of Strawberry on this one. The description mentions Cucumber, which I’ve never associated with wine, but I can see it. It’s just got a nice crisp, freshness to it.

At $12/bottle, it’s a very good deal. 9/10 from me. Come summertime in Texas, I probably will be kicking myself for not buying more.

  • in for one for now. maybe i’ll up it later today, but i’m still smarting from my beserker day purchases *


So, this is the Saignée?
And there’s Mill.
The plot thickens.
Numbers do look quite interesting.
More rats required!


We might get another report from a different Austinite in the morning.


yes…I bet I’ve had a few dozen bottles over the past few months of this pink wine by Brack Mountain Wine Co. Those who know me know I’m a Rose fanatic.

ahh Mill as first sucker and Redwinefan piping in with a great tasting note and review, melts my heart! Superb.

this Rose is truly fantastic, excited to have a few cases left of the 2011 for woot.

Tramonto Rose of Pinot Noir is incredibly small production, and our 2012 is already sold-out - hasn’t even been bottled yet!

Some tech notes: Fermentation- The Pinot Noir was destemmed and moved into fermentation tanks, then a small percentage of juice was bled off. Most of the bleed off juice was transferred for fermentation into a stainless steel tank, with a portion in placed in neutral oak barrels. The wine was bottled as soon as it settled post fermentation to preserve its vibrant freshness.

217 cases produced, low alc. @ 12.7%

Redwinefan: glad you got the bottles - albeit late - that’s how 3 tier distribution rolls…sigh.


This is some good stuff Ali :slight_smile: I’ve passed some around so hopefully some more people will chime in.

How much life do you think is left in the 2011? Tastes very spry to me still.


Glad you like it, I know you dig really good dry rose too. This is tasting very fresh all right, it was bottled a little later than our 2011 Origine Rose of Pinot Noir, winemaker Dan will login at some point to give his thoughts.

This wine actually stands up to spicy foods…great with TexMex and Thai foods.


I’m confused as to how the 2012 is already sold out.


a retailer bought the entire 2012 Tramonto Rose production - a presale. here’s facebook photo taken last Friday at the winery:


Hi all, Redwinefan hooked us up with a bottle just before the weekend. Popped it open Friday night and drank with Friday and Saturday dinners.

Just upon opening and pouring, I got the slightest bit of effervescence on tasting. Not a bad thing and pretty common in whites and roses; this went away with some decanting.

On the nose, lots of floral elements.

On the palate, fruit forward watermelon and strawberry with a little bit of a spicy finish. It’s got a nice, mouth watering acidity to it.

Not surprised to see the stainless/neutral oak fermentation and aging. This is nice dry rose, with a fresh/crisp finish (I didn’t pick up any oak at all).

This should be a nice one for all those summer picnics around the bend.


Oh darn it, you guys! It hasn’t even been up for an hour and your comments have convinced me to go in for two. And, hopefully, I’ll love it so much that I’ll hate myself for not going for three. Love them dry roses!


Thank you and Cheers!


Hey Ali,
Nice to see you back around these parts! Sounds like my kind of rose - light, dry, and strawberry-filled. Is this saignee, vin gris, intended as rose in the vineyard, or some other rose-making method?


Courtesy of CJ:

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Not to be picky, but are the bottles really 50 ml? Wouldn’t that even be small for an airplane? Maybe it should say 500 ml? Or even 750?


Once again, Do Want! Once again, no NH shipping…this has been the trend for every woot offer I wanted in the last couple of weeks.:frowning:



Is there a 7 or a 0(zero) missing? 750ml or 500?


Somewhat off topic but… is woot still doing the anniversary coupons? Or has that changed with the new shipping policy? Either way I’ll probably be pushing that button here and over on home.woot