Tramonto Russian River Rosé of Pinot (5)


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I too am wondering about this… $59.99 for 250ml of Rose - no matter how good, is a bit OUT of my price range…


Mornin’ Ali,
clearly there is a bit of confusion here, as both

and I have asked:
So, this is the Saignée?

can you fill us in…?


Fixed the size to 750ml. Thanks for spotting that. You goofs.


I too would like to know what the lifespan of this vintage is? When the winemaker comes on, please have him enlighten us.


Wow, love Rose and even though its snowing in NJ now :frowning: I know summer will return and I will need some good rose for those hot days where a Big Red is just too much.
After reading the tasting notes and the 2012 sell out I will go in for 3 right after this post. That should put a dent in my summer needs.


Hi Good Morning, caught a solid 7 hours of shut-eye last night that I sooo needed. Yes, it’s Saignee style- we bleed off Pinot Noir - I believe this particular vintage came from 4 different RRV vineyards - 2 Pommard clones, one Dijon and a Martini.

To answer a bit more on how long it should last - well, honestly this is a “two bottler” once opened. None of our roses have lasted much longer than 18 months for anyone to notice aging effects. This wine is meant to be sipped on, not stored away…Low alcohol and high acid found in the 2011’s.

And yes - these are 750ml bottles. I wish we had magnums!


how would this compare to the Meeker Vineyard Pink Elephant 2009 Dry Rosé?


the Meeker Pink Elephant is more dense in flavor. Charlie is a lover of Rose, I know he’d give the Tramonto a thumbs-up. Actually, I should stop by and take him a few bottles. I owe the Meeker family bigtime, they turned me onto the world of Goldendoodles, I’m now the proud owner of Lord Sandwich- a brother of the Meekers Goldendoodles. 8 months old & 65lbs already! Here’s a photo - scroll to the bottom of the page


The Meeker has a more concentrated flavor of tart jolly ranchers. It’s also a much deeper shade of red.

This Tramonto is an easier drinking style which is my preference. Due to the concentrated flavor, the Meeker Pink Elephant makes amazing spritzers though.


Arg! I want this something fierce, but I know it is going to arrive when I’m out of town.


How would it compare to the Jelly Jar? I was not a fan of the Jelly Jar but really enjoyed the Meeker Pink Elephant. I am thinking it is because of how tart and powerful it was really appealed to me.

Would this be closer to the Jelly Jar?


Lord S. is so cute. That is too long a name- are you going to call him Sandy?


I literally can’t buy a single bottle for a while (only exception is orange wine) due to space and $$, but this sounds excellent!


Always a problem and a significant challange when ordering!!,


Its pulsing, get in while you can.


texacaliali, what’s the significance between the different Brack Mountain labels? (i.e. what’s the reasoning for this RRV PN Rose being a Tramonto and the other RRV PN Rose being an Origine?)


we call him Sandwich, internationally known now as #sandwichthedog online! He’s straight out of a cartoon!


posting from my iphone so will be brief…we are doing things different in many ways from a traditional winery standpoint. we farm and contract with many vineyards and blocks within certain vineyards which allow us to create very small batches that we put into different labels according to region, varietal and price point. more on this later…a great question that I explain often.


Yes, the effervescence on the nose is due to high levels of dissolved carbon dioxide. We adjust these levels quite high just before bottling to give the wine a nice “freshness”.

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Hi all, Redwinefan hooked us up with a bottle just before the weekend. Popped it open Friday night and drank with Friday and Saturday dinners.

Just upon opening and pouring, I got the slightest bit of effervescence on tasting. Not a bad thing and pretty common in whites and roses; this went away with some decanting.

On the nose, lots of floral elements.

On the palate, fruit forward watermelon and strawberry with a little bit of a spicy finish. It’s got a nice, mouth watering acidity to it.

Not surprised to see the stainless/neutral oak fermentation and aging. This is nice dry rose, with a fresh/crisp finish (I didn’t pick up any oak at all).

This should be a nice one for all those summer picnics around the bend.