I got retro on you here, but I think you can jump in and help figure out how good these trampolines are.

Sport Woot will make you jump, jump…


Wiggity wiggity wiggity whack!


Woot trampolines. And I’m thinking “Wow, what could possibly go wrong.”


Bad deal woot. It’s 1 penny cheaper from Amazon and free shipping. i.e. Total $5.01 savings.


Don’t forget, If someone gets hurt on one. Your home owners insurance may deny the claim/cancel your policy and you are out of pocket when the other party sues your butt.




definitely a buzz kill. Amazon has same prices on most all of em. slash the prices 5% more. it makes a difference! still love u woot.


Each leap brings us closer to God!



Have you all forgotten the Woot overlords?


buzzkill or not, most people don’t realize this. You can lose you savings if the neighbor kid comes over and gets hurt.

buzzkill, maybe. quality post, for sure.


ER Nurse……so many people get hurt on these damn things. Like my Dad said “if god would have wanted you to be able to bounce high in the air the ground would be a trampoline and your legs would be springs”. Seriously though, I have seen multiple compound fractures, traumatic brain injury and paralysis from “just jumping on a trampoline.”