Transatlantic Foods The Chef's Special - 8 Pack

Transatlantic Foods The Chef’s Special - 8 Pack
$69.99 $̶1̶0̶6̶.̶5̶0̶ 34% off List Price
Farmhouse Country Artisinal Uncured Bacon, 10 oz
White Truffle Butter, 8 oz
Black Truffle Butter, 8 oz
Steven Raichlen Grilling Butters Herbs Log, 3.5 oz
Steven Raichlen Grilling Butters BBQ, 3.5 oz
Pepperoni, 8 oz
Cacciatorini Double Sausages, 8-10 oz
Southwestern Style Artisinal Uncured Bacon, 10 oz


This is more like Thursdays are supposed to be like…

Stating that the bacon is uncured, and then adding celery powder (a source of nitrites) is false advertising as far as I’m concerned.

read here

I came here to link to that very same article. I hope this whole “uncured” thing is a quickly passing fad. I like my pink salt!

(sigh) Welcome to our world on the nitrate nomenclature. The USDA dictates label wording. Under threat of being hog tied, we are required to describe the product as “uncured” and to provide the statement (see last paragraph in the product description).

The storage instructions says that this needs to be kept refrigerated or frozen, I assume it will be shipped packed in dry ice?

It is shipped in an insulated cooler with ice packs. Does the trick!

Have you purchased from this company before?

I am friends with the owner and CEO of world wide, Atalanta Foods, in business for at least 40 years. Our fathers went to Cornell together and both got their MBA’s. My Dad went into fasteners, zippers, velcro and the like. He went into importing food. This appears to be a newer company trying to follow Atalanta’s extreme, long time success.

I can’t order these, I get better for free luckily. My order comes fresh into port and is at my door the same day, within a few hours of docking. No ice needed, it is delivered in coolers by an employee who takes care of family and friends. :slight_smile: Some of their items are just too cool.

If these are as good, GO FOR IT although I don’t know the cost of what’s in my fridge right now!

I’ll go for the velcro with a side of White Truffle Butter to garnish that fish you just landed.

What are you doing to fix the issue with the butter arriving warm from your woot two years ago? Those were shipped in styrafoam with ice packs around the same time of year. Won’t this be even more of an issue with the bacon?

I’ve ordered from this company off of woot before (the charcuterie and the dried mushrooms), and let me tell you, everything they make is AMAZING. The flavors in the Herb Pancetta pretty much blew my mind, and the Hot Sopressata was to die for.

This is a different set of products, but they have an excellent track record of crafting delicious foods.

Ah bummer, no duck fat with this offer. Got almost the similar deal last year but that one came with a small container of duck fat. LOVED it. Was hoping to restock again now that I finished it all.
Well guess I’ll wait till it’s hopefully offered again.

Oh one thing of note, these people from transatlantic foods don’t know how to ship very well in hot weather. I live in california, and last year about the same time as now, when I placed my order we were having a heat wave going on. The small styrofoam container, with ONE SMALL ice pack, didn’t really cut it. My order arrived melted and spoiled. Woot Customer service was awesome however, they were able to get me a replacement.
Hope this year they learn from their mistakes.

Kinda OY here, but another online wine company specializing in flash sales emailed me and said they weren’t allowed to ship wine to TX after 9/13. And that I should contact state reps to work towards changing TX law.

Anybody know if this is just them, or if it is going to affect how much money I spend at Woot???

Alot of the sites out there are a retailer in like NJ or CA that have been shipping improperly into Texas(and NY etal).

Producers(wineries) are permitted to ship into Texas. The model we introduced when launching wine.woot is a “producer direct” model.

Overall this is a very very fluid situation.

i personally don’t see any interruption in Texas for winery sales (featured on wine.woot).


er…where did you want us to send that check, again? thanks for the props!

Anyone planning menus yet?

Yes, Buffalo Wings, beer-battered grouper and Jalapeno poppers to go with football on Sunday…oh, wait, your meant with this stuff…

Do one just a bit closer to Christmas, svp…

Closer to Xmas, we have something called gift week where they offer non-wine items for a week that make excellent gifts. I can’t remember if these showed up last year, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this pop up (or some version of it) during that week. Plus there’s AMAZING balsamic vinegar offered. :slight_smile: