Transatlantic Foods

Truffle butter and salami! I think this may just be our first foody Woot Plus!

Happy Snacking! :wink:

Hmmm, damn you woot.

I’ve been spending about $7-8 bucks for sticks of artisanal Salami lately and enjoying them very much. I am probably in on the 5 pack, since there is no reason not to spend the extra $3 and get a hunk of pancetta!

I do, however, wish that the truffle butter was being offered sans the duck fat, because with the free shipping, I would be in on that as well for the first time. The 9 pack also looks very interesting but I don’t see a need for the additional butters and would want more sausage. The bacon looks awesome though. It is all so tempting.

For future reference, next time offer the truffle butters, bacons and salami/pancetta as a 9-pack and I would be all over it.

EDIT: Just an FYI, looking at previous offerings. The 5-pack is the same price as previously offered. The truffle butters are generally 29.99, so they are throwing in the duck fat for $5. Not bad.

I have to admit, it took me a while to come around to the whole “truffle butter” thing, but I love it now. Both kinds are so handy to have around for cooking.

I’ll have to give this some thought. The duck fat looks interesting although I’ve never used it before.

Truffle Butter and Duck Fat 3-Pack
$34.99 (Normally $41.00) 15% off List Price
Black Truffle Butter 8 oz.
White Truffle Butter 8 oz.
Natural Duck Fat 7 oz.

Artisanal Sausages 4-Pack
$29.99 (Normally $38.95) 23% off List Price
Sopressata 6 oz. Stick
Hot Sopressata 6 oz. Stick
Fennel Salami 6 oz. Stick
Chorizo 6 oz. Stick

Artisanal Sausages and Pancetta 5-Pack
$32.99 (Normally $39.75) 17% off List Price
Fennel Salami 6 oz. Stick
Sopressata 6 oz. Stick
Hot Sopressata 6 oz. Stick
Chorizo 6 oz. Stick
Herbs Pancetta 8 oz. Stick

Transatlantic Chef Special 9-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $98.55) 39% off List Price
White Truffle Butter 8 oz.
Black Truffle Butter 8 oz.
Herbs Meyer Lemon Butter 3.5 oz.
Smoky Barbecue Butter 3.5 oz.
Chorizo 6 oz. Stick
Sopressata 6 oz. Stick
Herbs Pancetta 8 oz.
Artisanal Farmhouse Bacon 10 oz.
South West Style Bacon 10 oz.

Jumped on the 9-pack. It has everything I want and nothing I don’t. I’ve been tempted by the sopressata and chorizo before so I’m looking forward to giving it a shot. Also, we’ve had a good experience with these butters and just recently ran out of the truffle varieties so I was looking to re-up soon anyhow!

I bought the 5 pack last time, good stuff. I will say that on the salami, weights varied, some a tad a over, some a tad under, but no biggie. I buy the truffle butters locally, and although there is no substitute for a fresh truffle, they are nice products. Love the black slathered over the top of a nice strip steak, or on a little popcorn.

Duck fat? Many uses, but try frying some potatoes in it, other worldly!

Oh man. I want everything in the 9-pack, but I also want to try the duck fat. What to do, what to do…

Does anyone know the shelf-life of the truffle butter and duck fat? How should it be stored?

How are they shipped (thrown in a box, in styrofoam with cold packs, etc.)?

I’ve had the Sopressata (both the hot and regular) and the salami.
They are all excellent! Served the hot at a party at our house last weekend and it was a big hit.
Most certainly highly recommended!

I can’t attest to how they are shipped, as I have not ordered these before (though I think I recall hearing that at least the truffle butters will comes in a styro box with ice packs, not sure if that would be necessary with the meats unless the temps were extreme), but from reading previous offerings it seems like the majority of people just freeze the butters and lop off amounts as needed (thawing slightly if needed) and then throw it back in the freezer. They have mentioned it basically lasts as long as it takes for you to consume it using this method. I would think this would work the same for the duck fat.

I ordered the truffle butter a few woot-offs ago; it took close to three weeks to ship and arrived - without a shipping notice - in a styrofoam box with a cold pack. It happened to be a very warm day for that time of year and the cold pack was room-temperature (but not outside-temperature) when I opened the box. I decided to freeze the butters and see if I got sick when I ate them. I’ve only used the white truffle butter so far and it’s SO GOOD. In fact, it’s SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. It makes asparagus - which I like normally - into a culinary symphony. I’ve also used it in mac and cheese (very good), pasta (good, but there were enough other ingredients that it didn’t stand out), and risotto (didn’t like it at all in this context).

Anyone have any suggestions for the black truffle butter? The suggestions included in the listing (skin of a roasted chicken, over an omelet) aren’t things that I eat and I’d intimidated by trying to “pair” it with something.

LIKE! One of my favorite wine.woot vendors. I’m still well-stocked from my last purchase, but wanted to echo the recommendations.

I have the charcuterie from a previous woot, sadly have not broken into it yet (bought for a vineyard date that never happened) but I am itching for a reason to. Perhaps when I move to my new place they will make great housewarming hor d’oeuvres. Heard nothing but wonderful things about this vendor and am looking forward to trying the truffle butters and duck fat soon too

Is the duck fat 100% pure duck fat? Similarly, are the truffle butters just truffle + butter + herbs? I checked the product website and googled around but didn’t find anything definitive. Just trying to avoid any unwelcome surprises on the ingredient label…

Gluten free?

Ah, I see. They only sell the bacon in the big pack. That’s how they get ya.

Very clever, Mister Man.

I happen to have a black truffle butter here at home, ingredients as listed:

Butter, black truffle, black truffle oil(sunflower), salt, truffle juice, natural flavorings.

Can anyone tell if they use nitrates in their curing process? I didn’t see anything in the description, but I admit to still having trouble with navigation on the new site.

The descriptions here on woot specifically say nitrate free for the salami and bacon, haven’t seen anything on the pancetta per se, but looks like as a company no nitrates.

Edit: according to the company website, the products are all nitrate free.