Excellent use of the color palette, Ramy! Sadly, I don’t know if I could actually wear this design, as the floaty-ness (tree floating unsupported by any other graphical elements) is a bit of a turn-off to me.

Suddenly I want to listen to Cyndi Lauper.

Tie dye shirts are cool, tie dye trees are better. I wonder what the lumber is worth?

Texas has the first and the last one (minus the ice). The other colors don’t ring a bell.

Clearly this tree is preparing itself for Halloween by donning its colorful clown wig.


Ramyb “branches” out from the usual cute stuff in a big way.

Congrats on the print, I was hoping this would win.

I guess I’m glad to see ramy with a design that doesn’t have a cute animal in it, but the tree doesn’t quite feel right to me. I suppose if I had to put a finger on it I would say that the trunk seems too large in proportion to the size of the tree itself.

Well, RAMYB always has a great submission, but I find the proportion of the tree to be off. Colors are great, but not enough leaves for the trunk, which makes the tree look kind of sorry. Sorry.

Who wouldn’t want Christmas every night!? Especially if you got the newest woot shirt as one of your presents everyday!

I wish there was something going on on this shirt, it’s just a picture of a tree. Bit too static for my taste

This shirt epitomizes the phrase “Boy, this year sure went fast” in a simple tree design. Well done.

Oooohhh man, ramy I don’t wanna spend 10 bucks right now, and this is fo’ sho’ the first time you’ve ever tempted me… really good stuff right here! Congrats, man.

I really dislike that the winner of the FALL derby is a terrible looking tree with all four seasons colors spraypainted at the top.

And it’ll be a tragedy when 2 Ramyb shirts print in a derby that had some very very excellent entries.

it kind of looks like a creepy clown wig…

I really like this, but I just bought the Change Comes To All shirt a couple of weeks ago, and I don’t really have that much money to spend on a shirt now. Maybe later (when I get money). Hope it sticks around for a little bit (although I don’t look very good in brown).

No matter what I do, all I can see is a tree wearing a clown wig.

Definitely appreciate the idea and the colors. I would strongly consider it if the leaves and colors represented more of the design. The tree trunk is a little too long when compared to the amount of color at the top.

This is such a cool design! I want to throw a idea out there - why doesn’t woot do postcards of a couple of these designs? I would easily buy a postcard (or a pack of random postcards - just throwing it out there) and frame this cause it is super cool. Of course sending random postcards is always fun too… use them as gift tags… paper mache my cat… you know postcards just have endless uses. :slight_smile:

i keep wanting to pull the trigger but i’m turned off by how disproportionate the gigantic trunk is to the top of the tree

i’ll think about it more tomorrow i guess