Is it Snoopy?

I wish I understood the reference.

That is a terrible, terrible taxidermy job. The eyes are uneven, the horns are poorly placed, and the ears are entirely gone!

Someone’s got some 'splaining to do!

-Looks at the purchase map-

Apparently people in California feel utterly trapped too?

its “the scream”?
This shirt does’nt speak to me. (My way of saying I cant believe Woot is selling this shirt)

Please tell me there’s a deer butt on the other side of the shirt.

My avatar makes a better shirt than this. But way to go, artist, in making bills off of this.

i wish i had the money to even care what the reference is to

Sometimes it’s not a reference. Actually, many times its not a reference. This site doesn’t only sell reference shirts. This is such a time, methinks.

Actually, scratch that. I’m pretty sure this is a reference for anyone currently going through their last week of college, right before finals.

Was Monday really this bad? Because I can see that happening.

I don’t have a problem that someone mounted a deer on their wall. My issue is that they mounted a talking deer on their wall.

If you have a talking deer, you definitely have to let it roam around your house so people can interact with it. It could be like a child. But more antlery.

Those antlers are probably how you got trapped, buddy.

You don’t see too many Woot shirts with text, but when you do, it’s usually a win.

I don’t get it, but I understand the emotion.

The design looks to be big in Utah and Colorado, I see.

This should be more popular in Seattle.

Who traps deer? Shooting is a much more common approach.

They should have switched it with a cow. At least that way there could be a pun off of ‘utterly.’

Agree with the cow statement above… that was my first thought.

But this shirt is starting to grow on me. As someone who spent a good chunk of Easter with lots of dead animals staring down at me in the living room of relatives’ house, I feel their pain… Trapped. Never to run free again. tear