Travel By Cat Bus

Great grin, great style…

Does it have fur seats?

Don’t ride this bus if you have claws-trophobia.

Lowest votes for first place ever…? Or no? Wonder why the turnout was so small.

Does it go to New Clawleans?

Or how about Purrnsylvania?

Maybe a stop in sunny Furrida?

Ok I’ll stop right meow.

My Neighbor Totoro loves this shirt!

In fact both Totoro and the Catbus were voiced by Fred Welker.

I guess I’m missing the joke. Surely this isn’t just based on an obscure Craigslist ad from 2009?

Congrats! Great design!

Love this movie. One of my favorite Ghibli films. My favorite touch on Catbus was the rodent lights.

Frank Welker? That guy is amazing. I’ve spied his name in more movie credit lists than I can count. Pretty much every voice that requires a grunt, growl, groan, bark, or other various animal noise, it’s him. He also does several actual speaking people language voices. Dude’s got over 700 credits in IMBd.

What an awesome surprise, thanks Woot voters! Judging by the number of votes, this was probably a super close derby.

Signing off from Purrlin, Germany, where this bus started its world tour…

Am I Catatonic or does this have some Cataphoric Catullus meaning? Don’t play this Cat and mouse game with me! In what Feline Category does a Cat Bus belong? Is there a Feline Catalog for traveling on such things? Or is this shirt simply a Catastrophe?

It’d be better as a poster =^-^=

Really, this is what it has come to? In order to get ANOTHER cat shirt on Woot… we make a Cat Bus?

Don’t search for “cat bus” or you get weird results. Just go to this wikipedia page to learn what the heck this cat-faced bus is.

How about Pawtucket, RI? That ones already good!

To be clear, I mean the name, not the city itself. Pawtucket is a shit hole.

I stand by my belief that great design is both whimsical AND terrifying.

It’s one part vintage travel poster:


and one part Cat Bus from My neighbor Totoro:


I think it’s become a feature of the double take. Last DTD had 147 votes for 1st place.

Considering the fact that the two designs which were rejected had 169 and 181 votes at the time of rejection, I can see why woot became suspicious of the voting.

Also, this design is awesome. I feel ashamed that I’ve never actually seen My Neighbor Totoro.