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How is the 30" bag a carry on? What airline allows you to carry on that size suitcase?


LOL 30’’ carry-on. Is it April fools already? Ridiculous!


Yes, you’re right. For Delta, it’s Width + length + height is 45" or less - either the 30" bags are very skinny and short…or…

I looked up the 22" bags. $49 at Sears. Just sayin’. Come on now.


What is the country of origin on the 22 inch wheeled dandy? I was looking at the one that appears to be black, is it black or dark blue or something?


doesn’t matter what they are calling these, unfortunately it appears none of their bags except the 21" in the set appear to be legit as U.S. carryons. I so want the leopard to fit, though!!


i’d even question if the 21" Parallel would pass. specs say the case size is 21". most airlines measure from top of handle to bottom of wheels, this one is sitting on top of it’s wheels and doesn’t mention how high the handle sits when collapsed.


Having just done the TSA/American Airlines Stomp, I can say that at least one airline really doesn’t seem to give a rat’s patootie about the size and shape of most carry-ons unless they are flagrantly oversized. Like stuffed-with-a-body oversized.
You know, if it takes two people to lift your carry-on to stow it in the overhead compartment, then maybe you should consider checking it.
And while I’m ranting, I wish there was an airline that made everyone who had carry-on luggage wait for those of us that are AREN’T encumbered to exit the plane before luggage-toting passengers stop all egress by wrestling their over-sized baggage from overhead. Grrrrr.