Travel Hard Wear Matrix 3pc Set 3-Colors

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Travel Hard Wear Matrix 3pc Set 3-Colors
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check out these comments from when these were sold last Spetember

FYI: These are nestable

Smallest bag doesn’t meet new carry on limits. The new dimensions are 22x14x9. This is from the Delta/AA/United websites. The small bag is 20x15.5x9. 14" is the maximum width. May be why this set is much cheaper than last time. These are fine for Southwest since their limits are 24x16x10.

But we still don’t have an answer to the Million Dollar Question: How much do they weigh?

About Olivet

I know some companies have a limit of 45 linear inches, so they may pass inspection. Also, I have seen some carry ons that are clearly over the limit and they pass on through.

Another possible reason: Olivet abandoned the TRAVEL HARDWEAR trademark two years ago:

Southwest also lets you check two bags per person, but I wouldnt trust this crap quality. one trip a year and these would be trashed by the TSA and crap-paid baggage throwers (and the Southwest employees at Vegas check in that demand tips and even have signs made up for it. I didnt tip and they threw my Pelican case on the conveyor)

I see two strikes against this product already - last time this sold on Woot, it was guaranteed for ten years by the manufacturer, now only for five years; and those protruding single blade wheels will be the first to get damaged on this item. Still, it might not be bad for use on a cruise. And it’s $50 cheaper then the last time that it sold on Woot

I don’t trust zipper closures since they open right up with a poke from a ball point pen, or worse, a knife cut. Hard sided luggage with tongue in groove closures (like manufacturers all used 20 years ago) are much more secure. I suspect zipper closures are easier to manufacturer is all.

Quality aside, it’s the dimension and weight of the pieces that are the first priority. If they are to big for overhead then forget it.If the large piece even approaches 5 pounds (10% of my 50lb. check-in weight allotment) again…forget it.

Actually I fly every 2 weeks and bought this set in Sept. There isn’t a scratch on them and have not had any damage despite being carried on or checked. I bought the Sketcher set for my wife right after and that was a mistake. If we were not in the process of moving, I would buy them again. BTW, I fly about 120,000 miles a year so these get a lot of use.

Just flew back from Disney World Monday. 2 out of the 4 bags we checked were destroyed. In for a set of these. How bad could they be?

Right-every bag out there now say “lightweight” but not many tell you up front what they weigh !

OK - so reading the comments from the last time this was up on Woot and following the comments so far - still no answer to…wait for it…how much does any one of the three weigh?

HELLO…What is the WEIGHT of each piece…We Need To Know…

We asked but the vendor did not supply the information. sorry.

I did used them only one time the zip broken and it dose get a big hall on the corner
do not like the need to contact the seller or the manufacture
cold not find any address
5 Years Olivet
what is Olivet
how I can contact themlivet
my phone no is
[MOD: Phone number removed] please help