Travel Power Adapters

I purchased the Targus APM035US Laptop Charger with Smartphone Backup Battery and Innergie mCube Mini Smallest 65W Auto/Air Adapter on one of the last Power Adapter deals.
The Targus one is a great deal. I recently saw it at Office Depot on clearance for twice the price. In using it so far, it has worked very well. The adapters feel secure when connected. I am using it primarily on Dell laptops. The battery is good too, but was more of just an extra perk. What I do not like is it does not come with a travel bag or case.
I have not had an opportunity to use the Innergie one. I do need to try it out in the car one of these days. Definitely small and good for travel. However, the draw string on the travel bag broke immediately.

Definitely would not buy the Kensington K39264US Travel Battery Pack and Charger. If you zoom in close you can see a fingerprint on the part you would plug into your iPhone. Definitely poor quality control.

All jokes aside, looks like a great deal and I will probably be getting one

Really wish you guys would sell a travel adapter that works with my Samsung Chromebook… These would all fry the poor thing. :\

Looking forward to being able to
re-charge computer in the car cigarette lighter charge. I jumped in for one of these.

Targus | Backpacks, Docking Stations & Computer Accessories will tell you if the tip for your device shipping with the item.

well I wish they’d sell one for my MSI GT60, but these’d need 2/3 just to get around the right wattage…