Travel Tote printed...

So here’s a question…
This tote printed once and for a hot second. And I have one and I love it. But because it’s a tote and not a shirt, it’s not in my catalog and I can’t buy another.

a) can you print it again?
b) can you make totes available in the back catalog?
c) can you make it an order-able shirt in my catalog?
d) is this design gone forever, meant to spend eternity in the ether of forgotten woots?

Hopefully (a) and/or (b). Probably not ©, since there’s still no replacement for creme shirts, and unless it was a C-contract, not (d), which is unlikely since I believe Gym Rat holds the record for the last C-contract issued and that was back in 2013.

(Unless that’s incorrect and it actually was a D-contract that never made it into the back catalog …)

I’ve got a few designs that never made it into the catalog. A GITD tote, a GITD shirt, an apron (was also a Tee).
I understand the GITD stuff, but never understood why the apron/tee never made it into my catalog.
Even just as a Tee.