Traveling Impression

This impression sure has impressive color details :smiley:

Wish I was a Who fan. Impressive :slight_smile: Love the colors.

No one ever travels anywhere but in time anymore, do they ; ) Nice melting effect though

So doctors Who and Leary took a trip together?

Amazing artwork. But alas, we’ve been “Who’d” again.

Maybe woot could come up with a Dr. Who tab on the top and put all the daily Who shirts on there?

This would make a nice gift for my son … printed on canvas to hang on his wall. Beautiful work, no matter the medium!

I was thinking the same thing about a “Cats” tab.

Great coloring as usual, Collin!

So where would a catshirt about Doctor Who get categorized?

Is there anything printed on the front of the jersey zip hoodie?


Does anyone know how thick the material is?

All the art is on the back, the front is blank for this one.

The hoodie? It’s jersey knit, so think t-shirt weight, not sweatshirt weight.

THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

You want to just set me up on auto-withdraw from my checking account now?

What are the differences between standard and AA?

Some of the differences are the sizing, the sleeves, the softness, durability and shrinkage, and country of origin. My .sig links to the thread where it’s discussed more in depth.

Is the hoodie no longer available?
I don’t see a way to select hoodie option. I can only buy the tshirt.