Traveling on the Speed of Sound

I picture a lot of whistling while walking going on in this shirt.

I’d rather travel on the speed of light :wink:

I’m impatient like that.

It makes me feel weird…

Maybe it’s late and I’m seeing things, but it almost looks like one too many appendages hanging out of the bottom of that guy.

The artist behind Finding Technicolor returns!!

Vintagey goodness.

Just in case anyone’s curious, the speed of sound actually depends on the medium through which it is traveling. Thus, in air the speed of sound is equal to ~345 meters per second but in water it is much faster at ~1,484 m/s. Physics is phun!

Is that Mickey? Maybe Oswald? Who!?!

maybe that’s it.

I think that cartoon is just there to distract from the musical not that will be tooting all across your chest.

Too bad you couldn’t travel at the speed of sound before talkies were invented.

a tail?

Don’t corrupt '30’s style cartoons. They were a more innocent time.

(PG language, for those concerned)

Too many comments are forming in my head to pick just one.

It’s Krazy Kat!

Now there’s a blast from the very long past.

Is it felix the cat??

David Creighton-Pester has really nailed the design style of that era. Congrats on the retro-goodness print!

Classic cartoon styling…

After seeing this shirt I just had to go and watch Steamboat Willie. Thank you woot

I also have music coming from my tail pipe. I’ve yet to attain thrust from it capable of lifting me into the air though. More chili please!