Travelon 4-in-1 Emergency Tool

Actually, the fourth tool is an emergency parachute.

Never hurts to be prepared.

In for 1.

I would -NOT- rely on this tool to break out a window. It appears to have a stainless steel punch, which is softer than tempered glass. I know most people think glass is relatively weak, but tempered glass is much stronger than many metals.

Find something with a carbide tip if you want to break through glass.

In for one!

While it wasn’t an “emergency” flashlight, I bought a very similar flashlight off of woot before made by Remington. It had flashlight (obviously), lantern mode, beacon and magnet for things such as a vehicle breakdown it could attach to the underside of your hood while you pretended to know what to look for… Anyhow, does anyone know how this compares?

the remington was awesome btw, I meant to buy two. One as gift for dad, one for me, but alas, I accidently bought just one, and he loves it. It had like a 100 lumen kree *sp? LED, which pissed off a bunch of his maglite buddies who were “outshined”, by his smaller
more effective light

Agreed and same. Better to need and have, than not have and need.