Travelon 4-in-1 Emergency Tool



real quick, $5.99 again:

videos there in comments, let others repost them first if they want here. I bought it at woot off, haven’t tried yet.


bought this a few weeks back… I thought it was one that you could leave in your car and forget about, but I didn’t realize that it takes batteries. Just a word of caution to those who may not read all the specs.


I actually like it. It seems like a good little flashlight gadget for your glove box. It does take batteries, but so does nearly everything we own these days, so no biggie.


again i post that the one we got blew a bulb straight away got very hot and stunk to high heaven… i threw the other 2 away, didn’t trust them. maybe it was a bad one, maybe…


I bought one of these a while back. It maaaaay be better than nothing, but overall it feels, well, cheap. Caveat emptor: let the buyer beware. Particularly on a device intended to save a life.


the part(s) that will save your life don’t require batteries: namely the seat belt cutter and the side window hammer.


Was hoping that this would have one of those built-in hand-spinner generators instead of batteries…

1/2 of the features are essentially useless if it’s to be kept in the car as an emergency tool…


…And they’re also the GPS beacons that the people from the freighter had on them in LOST…


Bought this at the wootoff, don’t have it yet. Bought them for X-mas gifts. Hubby has fetish about giving flashlights as x-mas gifts. If you’re buying as a true safety device for your vehicle, you should probably spend a little more than $5.99 on it.


b u w a h h!!!


I’m so glad I went back and read the comments from the link supplied here. can’t quit laughing.


Got one as a gift - think it was priced about the same.

Certainly not high quality feel, but as good or better feel as most other similar cheapo China products.

Had it for several years - still works - the lights part anyway.

Buy it and stash in the side pocket but change out the batteries regularly to avoid failure due to leakage.


I bought one of these elsewhere. It’s a great concept if the lights still worked. I have it in my door pocket as a seat belt cutter/window breaker, but that is all mine is good for any more.


I hear these are huge in Maine and Wyoming.


The vibrating versions are. Go figure.


I have bought the max offered every time this has been offered. Granted, I might prefer to have a hand operated crank for the lights, but it is like any other safety feature in your vehicle requiring regular inspection. Otherwise, I have purchased one for every driver in mine and my wife’s family. For $6, the worst it could be is unhelpful, but it could also be vital. Worth the money IMO. It does have a cheaper plastic feel, but is essentially the same product issued to me by the govt plus it has the lights. As far as useless features are concerned, hopefully, they all come up useless.