Travelpro 2PC Luggage Set (Your Choice)

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Travelpro 2PC Luggage Set (Your Choice)
Price: $114.99 - 124.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jun 13 to Tuesday, Jun 14) + transit
Condition: New


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Let’s talk… what’s your list of pros & cons for hardside vs softside?

I feel like the hardside protects stuff better but softside seems to expand more.


Soft side expands better. Hard side lasts longer as well as protection. I have had no issues since I started packing everything in space bags before loading them into the suitcase. I can easily pack enough for 14 day trip for 5 people in 1 large suitcase except the shoes! :blush:

What about the weight?

I’ve used both. Preferred the hardside, however last trip, the airlines broke one of the spinner wheels off and then the handle, so you couldn’t pick it up off the wheels, and finally put a crack in the main body. I asked to file a damage claim and they wouldn’t accept it. Told me the actual case needs to be completely ripped open before they will do anything. I had to buy a new hardside at the resort to get home.

I bought a Travelpro luggage set from Woot about a year ago and have not been happy with it. The handle on the small rollerboard became loose and wiggly after the first use. I contacted woot, who instructed me to contact Travelpro. I did so, and they had me send the case back for repairs. It took them about a month to return and the problem wasn’t fixed. It didn’t seem like they did anything to it at all. I would not purchase again, and now only use a Samsonite case (which I purchased for my business travel during the month the other suitcase was out of commission).

Asked? You don’t ask, you just do it. That person lied to you.

What are the Travel Pro Model numbers/styles of both hard and soft?

The only hardside luggage I have used, cracked and broke the first time I traveled with it. Switched back to softside after that. Never had an issue with softside other than it getting rained on.

The hard-sides are easier for airline personnel to abuse, and they do abuse them. You shouldn’t pack stuff that needs protection in your check-ins anyway. I wouldn’t bother with hard-side any more. I don’t buy luggage without examining it in the store.

Should we talk about girth and length also?

Be careful of the “navy” color offered in the soft-side. We ordered a set the last time it was offered and requested the Navy color. What we received was a “powder blue” color instead.

After calling foul because the picture showed a darker blue, Woot! did accept a return.

I’m ordering black this time

I find softside easier to pack in because everything goes in one side and the lid is just a lid. Hardsides are split down the middle and you have to pack half at a time and deal with the internal flap & zipper.

TravelPro isn’t what it used to be but the piece I got at Marshall’s/HomeGoods similar to these is still quite nice for what I paid for it.

I have a set like this. Just returned from a transatlantic cruise and the airline ripped open the fold on the front pocket. The way it’s made makes this a likely issue as other luggage can hang on the expansion fold. Best to put a luggage strap on it to minimize damage. Otherwise, great luggage.

Might be a silly question . . . do the dimensions include the wheels?

I want to make a comment about the LG phones on electronics.woot, but there’s not a discussion page, either on the event or on either individual item.

Well, they didn’t say whose Navy.

Hardside: TP5062W2A55, TP5062W2A22
Softside: TP5152W2A01, TP5152W2A22

The dimensions are for the case only. Not the handle or the wheels.

Thank you!