TravelPro FlightPro Rolling Garment Bag

will it be classified as a carry on does it meet those specs and can you get anohter color than baby shit brown please

only in brown?

Travel pro flight pro is about the hardest tongue twister I’ve ever come across.

Come on, Svengoolie, you can use this bag for all your trips to Berwyn (tongue twister or not).

The reason this bag is so cheap is because it measures 22 x 9.5 x 20 inches when most airlines want something like 22 x 9 x 14 inches for a carry on. But it sells for about $150 on Amazon, so if you don’t mind checking your luggage this is an excellent woot. If you do mind, look elsewhere.

i own one of these… it is a wonderful bag specially if you are flying on business

gasp, the price is awesome

Some questions:

  1. Will it fit into airline’s hand luggage’s limits? I guess not

  2. How much does it weight?

  3. Are additional pictures available? (I care a lot about how is organized inside)

  4. Is this a good brand? Does it have worldwide assistance (EU and Asia centers, at least)? I usually go samsonite for this reason, but I would like to try other brands.

Thank you

This is a GREAT price for this bag. No, it’s not a carry-on. Here is a link where you can find more detail: Click on the upper right thumbnail to open the detail window. It looks like the only difference between this bag and the model that’s currently available is the TSA-compliant padlock. I’m not sure what I think of the “lovely” brown color (that Travelpro calls “copper”); but at least the bag would stand out among all the other black bags on the luggage carousel. I have several pieces of black Travelpro, but never bought a garment bag because the cost was always $150-200. This price might make me buy it, even in the copper color.

No dimensions? No weight? No part number? Woot writers, you’re off your game! Fortunately, we can turn to the interweb thingamadobby for answers. When asked, it coughed up the Amazon page with more pictures along with the TravelPro official overview that says the FlightPro is 20-30% light than average which says means it weighs 11lbs 2oz.

Indeed, good sir.

looks like walmart to me, certainly not business class. more like uzbekistan on vacation for the first time …

Are we sure the handle extends out of the back for rolling? I saw the pic on Amazon, but that’s for a model “4”? Must be when Jason’s not around they take bad pics and don’t give dims. Possibly a good Woot, but hard to verify with all the info, or lack of, listed.

My boyfriend’s mom used to be a flight attendant, and Travel Pro was always their brand of choice. This seems to be a good deal. Their sets are pretty expensive at places like Sharon Luggage.

I have traveled about 45 - 48 weeks per year for the past four yeasr and I use a $13 Wal-Mart garment bag. I hate carrying a bag that weighs 10 pounds empty.

Beatrice! Come quick. I’m in the study at that internets gizmo. Hurry! Jumping Jesophat! That is one sharp travel accoutrement. Oh there you are Bea. Look at this. NO not that! The handbag on this little TV screen in front of me. It matches that I-talian shoulder bag we bought you after the war in 49. Break out the Diners Club card Bea, I’m going in. Wait until I tell the boys at the Elks lodge!

My wife is a flight attendant, this company is the bag of choice for most FA’s.

Down for 2.

Woohoo! I’m in for one.

angelofchaos99 is absolutely right and damn if I didn’t already by one on impulse. Per the FAA -
"Think Small…
The maximum size carry-on bag for most airlines is 45 linear inches (the total of the height, width, and depth of the bag). Anything larger should be checked.
No oversize packages or luggage can be stowed onboard. "
This sucker is 51.5 inches. Woot really dropped the ball in not offering the dimensions.

In for three. I need to replace all of my current luggage… would be interested in more such Woots…

This is a great buy - even with the color - so I’m in for 1. Most of my travel is by car, so I’m OK even it it is too large for carry-on. List price (does anyone even know what a list price is?) is $440, and discounted prices are $150 up. At $75 (including shipping) buy it! Woot/SelloutWoot/Yahoo - when will you have matching pieces?