Travelpro Versaglide Lite Exp Spinner (Pick One)

What are the dimensions including the wheels and handles? I know that sometimes these features are not included in the overall size. This if very important for international traveling.

I have several pieces of TravelPro luggage and so far they have held up well. These days I prefer the spinner design over a rolling case. The only thing that I don’t like is that the wheels are external to the case so they use up some of your available dimensions without giving you any extra storage. With a roller the wheels can be partially set into the case allowing the case itself to be slightly bigger.

Product Page for the 21" with links to the others

Does this qualify as a carry on?

From this page:

“Dimensions are for suitcase compartment only and do not include external components such as wheels, feet and handles. Weights are approximate.”

SKU: TP4008P61
Dimensions: H 21.00" x L 14.00” x W 9.00”
Weight: 8.4 lbs

Although this seems like a good deal, just about every luggage company lists specs without wheels and handles. U.S. rules are 22x14x9 inches INCLUDING wheels and handles for carry-on luggage.

We got back 2 months ago after 26 days in Europe. I spent no less than 40 hours researching and measuring so-called carry-on luggage. I bought two of the Victorinox Werks Traveler 4.0 WT20 Dual-Caster spinners. These were the ONLY thing I could find that would fit the U.S. rules, let alone the international, which is around 21.65x13.78x9.84 inches to be safe with Air France, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Czech Airlines, EasyJet, British Airways, KLM, and Flybe.

Although Ryanair is at 21.5x15.7x7.8 inches, more like the 55x35x20 cm standard that IATA has suggested, 21.5x13.78x9 seems like the goal to be safe.

I measured my Victorinox at 21.5x13.5x8.7 inches with wheels and handles.

They do have a zipper to expand them an inch, and my wife managed to make her’s VERY difficult to stuff overhead on the way home.

The cages they use to measure them might give you a bit of leeway, but I didn’t want to chance it. Plus, they are ALWAYS looking for a reason to grab your luggage and toss it in the hold.

The only Travelpro I measured that fit the 22x14x9 rules was the Crew 10 International Slim, which is listed as 20x14x7.5, but the wheels, as with most spinners, add 1-1/2 to 2 inches, and the handles, which don’t squish much even un-packed, add 1/2 an inch. They are also VERY hard to find.

I also got the Victorinox CH-97 2.0 Outrider backpack, which is made to slide over the handle of a spinner ( awesome feature ), and fit the 17x10x9 allowed as a item to put under the seat. Essential was one of those packable backpacks that folds up into itself, which my wife preferred as a day-pack rather than the huge purse that she took.

THIS is the way to travel! Even public transportation and taxis were a breeze.

The Victorinox survived the cobblestones, 9 airports, and 7 train stations of Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Prague, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Nancy, Paris, and Brussels. More importantly, we never had to check our luggage, which is where the REAL damage gets done!

In regards to size. For international travel even our smallest one offered will probably get checked as and 18" or 19" is about the limit of what you can carry on. Domestic sizing is a different story.

The 21" we are offering is good for domestic carry on flights. The industry standard is to measure the dimensions of the case only, so no the measurement we posted does not include the wheels and handles. Travelpro makes several hundred thousand cases a year and because the 21/22 sizes are primarily used for carry ons they are tested manually to make sure they meet domestic carry on bins. Please note that using the expansion can keep it from fitting in the test bin.

Thanks, this is excellent info.

Is anyone else noticing that the photos of these are all unlabeled? I can tell from the change in height/width ratio as I switch from one photo to another that I am in fact looking at a different sized case - but I’m used to seeing a caption under each photo telling me which of the six possible items I am looking at. Odd that the labels are missing today.

DJ Snoop, I hereby award you this barn star for the most quality post I can imagine on the subject of carry-on luggage!

If you’re as taken as I was with DJ Snoop’s glowing description of the particular Victorionox case that he chose, here it is, in all its $270 glory, at the mother ship.

And the backpack he mentioned, seemingly overpriced at $72 for a simple small shoulder bag:

I’m jealous - I have always wanted to travel to Nancy.
We did a month in Europe two years ago with domestic carry-on sized luggage that we checked. Weight coming back was nearly an issue but once we shuffled some things it was ok. I guess weight is one thing you don’t have to worry about with carry-on.

The wife and I are currently travelling with the 25" version that we borrowed from friends. After buying and breaking tons of “cheap” bags, I’m buying 2 of them. These are really nice.

As a point of reference, the 25" is big enough for 2 adults on a 10 day trip, but it is pretty full. The bag weighed 48 lbs at check-in, so be careful about the larger size if you don’t want to pay extra. The friends we borrowed from told us they never use the 29" because it’s just too big.

Hope this helps!

I had TravelPro for years and it held up well in most cases. However, I did have a handle break and was very disappointed that their “lifetime warranty” did not apply. Not sure what it applies to if the handle just snaps in two! So I’ve moved away from TravelPro, but at this price, it’s not a big risk and it is good luggage.

The 21" does.

all spinners are like that. thwt is why i would never get one. not to mention those wheels are vulnerable to breaking off. regular rollers are better, IMHO. i see no advantage to a spinner