Travelsox Compression Socks 2-Pairs

Nowhere does it say what the compression is.

Based on a listing on 12-20mmhg

Is there a stocking size chart?

Yes, it’s under the “Specs” tab.

Why am I being charged shipping when I am a Prime Member?

Have to log in through Amazon.

Can’t speak to the price, but I’ve had a pair of these for several years and they are great for travel. Comfortable once you put them on, and really help with swelling on long flights.

I understand that to convert man’s size to woman’s is 1.5 difference. I wear 8.5 to 9 in a woman’s shoe. I would wear a man’s 7 to 7.5. So should I go with small and they fit real tight or go with medium and they be too loose. Do they shrink much when washed?

I would not worry about them being loose as much as too long if you go with too large a size. They stretch nicely so being to tight isn’t a major issue. I say go for the size that is like the size you would use for regular socks. I would say hang dry them and you won’t have a shrinking issue and they will last longer.

Woot I am in for a second attempt. PLEASE send the right size this time. I can’t stand crushing disappointment outside of a boc. My tall friend is thankful for the socks she got because of the error though.

It says 2 pairs. But when I include in the shopping cart, I’m being charged for each pair.

Why is it so hard to find size XL travel socks in something other than Black or White? How about Brown or Khaki once in a while?

Did you put 2 in your cart. If so, then you just 4 pairs into your cart :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My Dad recently started needing comp stockings, so we bought the last time these were offered - he loves then! True to size based on the chart, great compression range/design (varies from area-to-area from toe to knee), quality construction. And yes, order 1 woot unit, and you get two pairs of socks. In for 4 sets (8 pairs of socks) more for him, but may keep a pair or two for myself and travelling!

It varies depending upon where on the foot/leg you’re looking at it. Check out the images at for a graphic that explains the compression. Purchased some for my Dad last time, in for more today because he loves them.

Dammit! I already ordered 2 sets of two, but now, I don’t know if that was enough.

Thanks for the link to the AMZN sale.