Travis Mathew Apparel

Bought one of the polo shirts last time offered and if they had any this time in my size (large) I would be ordering again! They fit beautifully, are true to size and the material is the softest and most luxurious feeling of anything I’ve ever owned! I’m seriously disappointed that none of the polos are available in my size!

These shirts are garbage they are not as good quality as the Travis Mathew shirts made in Peru, these ones are made in China and feel really cheap. I was quite disapointed when i got the shirt from woot, glad i only bought one.

When I get a shirt of such high quality that fits so well and feels so unbelievably comfortable and then read someone’s remarks like yours, I can only assume you are on a vendetta or have some alterior motive for your comments! It’s not nice to fool your fellow wooters.