Travis Mathew Polo Shirt (6 Styles)

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Check out these comments from when these were offered a few weeks ago

Check you the review from

What the… I just bought these for 29 each two weeks ago. Can I return them and purchase these?

Is it just me, or is the Wilson missing from the selection to purchase?

I went ahead and bought some others, but if that is available in XL - please add it to my order Woot gods!

I too will take a Wilson in large if avail. If the woot god is real he/she will show his/her mercy by adding it to the order I just placed. Being of sound mind, I give my explicit permission to add it!

I emailed the buyers to see what’s going on with Wilson. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: The Wilson photo was there by mistake. Should be removed shortly. Features are correct.

how do the sizes run - are the pretty true?

Morning all.

In regards to the pricing… Since the beginning of Woot, our goal has been to move inventory out of our warehouses as fast as possible which sometimes means we have to lower prices. This can be due to fluctuating prices in the marketplace or excess inventory. You are a fickle bunch and we can’t always predict what will sell out in one day and what won’t.

We do our best to not lower prices within a few days of a sale but lower prices are a given in the retail world. We also do not match prices from one sale to the next unless it’s within just a few days (usually a mistake on our part)

Does anyone have any helpful reviews. Do the shirts fit nice or have a funny style to them? At first glance it seems like that four button collar looks a little long and maybe awkward. Are the buyers that bought last week happy with purchase, other than the fact that it is $10 cheaper now?

Here’s what we found during the last sale:

Who spends 75$ on a shirt? Honest Question.

I’m 5’10" 180, and I don’t mind a slimmer fit. Any suggestions on a size, I am between medium or large. I already have some Calvin Klein polos (with this same golf shirt silky feel) that are large and I like the way they fit.

Mebbe you’re an Extra Medium.

These pollo shirts look way too big for most chickens.

True story*, they used to call the size between large & medium “lardium,” but it didn’t market test very well.


*not a true story.

In for one. I’m hoping it can compete with the Columbia Omnifreeze I’ve had for a couple of years. That one is like wearing little air-conditioners and it never gets that “been-outside-sweatin’” smell.

i so wish that was true.