TravisMathew Polo Shirt - 7 Styles

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A single perfect review on the Wilson over at

Woot no like fat people? 2x is biggest?

I wish I knew what the fit was like on these. It’s so hit or miss with polos as far as looser or tighter.

These run with a more modern, tailored fit. In my experience, Adidas Mediums seem large and Travis Matthew Mediums seem Medium.

Our buyer agrees with you:

… if you wear an Adidas medium than you likely wear a TM large. I would liken the fit to Calvin Klein. I wear a Woot shirt XL & a large in TM (I’m about 6’3", 44 long jacket I believe).

Why is the Brickbreaker style called “Tower - Grey?”

Dunno but it’s called Tower on numerous other sites according to my Googlefu.

$30 for a polo with a logo is a bit hard for me to buy. Plain, high quality polos are routinely on sale at JCPenney and Target for $10-$15 each. Heck, even the IZOD outlet sells polos for $15.

Polos from JC Penney, Target and Izod certainly have their place but they are a completely different tier of product than Travis Mathew. These routinely go for $60-$80 at Nordstrom’s, Zappos and high-end golf retailers.

These are really nice golf shirts, they retail for a heck of a lot more, earlier this summer I bought one and the fit is great, it is one of my favourite shirts. It’s funny because i was looking around online yesterday for some but didn’t see any deals then when i saw this today I was like Woot read my mind…gets out tinfoil hat

that’s funny