Treacherous Waters

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after April 25th

It’s pretty… I just done understand all the watery shirts anymore. Grats

Not for me. :frowning: Kinda boring

Fantastic! :smiley: Stayed up for this one…good work, Cho.

great design, but to big for me

I can’t decide if I like the color o.O

Also, I still don’t know if Medium fits me properly, so idk if I’ve been ordering shirts too small >_>

Congrats Cho on 1st place! I wanted this the first time it was subbed

I could have sworn I saw this in the “Water” derby entries…

it’s pretty…and i like it better on the royal, but just not my thing. congrats though cho…good to see a woot favorite get a second chance. pretty strong finish for it too!

i wouldve gotten the shirt if there wasnt a whale and a dock thing.

Looks a lot like that “Lady in the Water” shirt I think it was. Same designer?

Stayed up just for this one. Great work!

Yay! I got one!

Now the wait until it gets here. Thanks, Mr. Cho!

Well heck, I guess my little square box doesn’t change color until they have $$ in hand. sigh

Oh, there it goes.

I was really hoping for the army guys tonight. I’m in for one of these though. Hopefully I can snag one of the army ones tomorrow night.

Great shirt! In for 1.

I thought this was a neat design, I just have too many blue shirts. Not in.

holy first sucker me??!?!?!, considering you can arguably blame me for this not tieing in the water derby. Not sure if it was the color changes in the lines or just the royal in general over the light blue, but I find it substantially more appealing.

over 1100 votes for this one? seriously?

My 2nd shirt woot ever, and this one is great!! I cant wait to get it