Tread Softly on Sole Fitness Treadmills



Welcome back, SOLE.

There were a lot of positive comments on the SOLE brand and these treadmills during the previous sale. Check them out.


Is this Sole F85 Treadmill currently for sale the 2013 model or a previous year(s) model?


So Much for the 3 or 4 times we were warned that we better hurry up and buy last time, as it was only a 24 hour sale…I hate being pressured.

Yea yea, I get it, this sale wasn’t “planned”, sure thing.


On Friday, these 3 treadmills were listed at these same prices, and it was confirmed that the models listed are the 2011 models.

There were no 2012 models released, so 2011 is the most current up to 2013.


Nice ass in the pic, I bet she does not work for Woot! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Mattreg! Since posting I compared the photos with the 2013 and other than a slightly larger (.05hp) motor and some very minor cosemetic changes on the front of the 2013 model, this one’s the same treadmill. Appreciate the response.


Hi everyone! Happy holidays! Bought one last time around on the 7th. Does anyone have any idea about how these are shipped. I mean are they shipped by truck, UPS, or FedEx? Also does anyone know if they deliver into your door or do they just drop off on porch, driveway, or just sidewalk. UPS and FedEx usually drop off on your porch or at least in front of your garage. But, trucking companies can vary where they deliver big and heavy items such as this and that ranges from the sidewalk to inside your door. Some trucking companies even need to contact you to confirm delivery. If any Wooters or Woot staff have any idea, please advise. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. Happy holidays everyone!


Sorry for the delay in response. TT helped me find the shipping process for these treadmills.

These are shipped freight, a physical address is required along with a phone number is required to schedule a drop-off (to the first point of cover (e.g. patio, garage))

Hope this information was helpful.
If you’re concerned with your particular order, please feel free to email Woot Member Services and they can answer any questions you might have about your purchase.

Woot Staff


Its actually not helpful at all, to be honest.

The reality is we were charged over a thousand dollars for an item…we should have some idea when we can expect the item. I purchased mine mid day on the 7th…that was 5 days ago. All I have is a worthless tracking number, that leads nowhere, and isn’t recognized by any shipping company I could reasonably guess.

It can’t be an inventory problem as the treadmills are still be sold, and anyway, apparently my treadmill has been shipping to me for a while already.

just no one knows where it is.

All we need is an actual working tracking number, and the company name that issued the tracking number. I don’t expect the treadmill to magically appear on my porch through teleportation right after I purchase it, but I think its extremely reasonably to know the whereabouts of an item that is legally my property, given my credit card was fully charged.

When we keep getting the line:

“These are shipped freight, a physical address is required along with a phone number is required to schedule a drop-off (to the first point of cover (e.g. patio, garage))”

specifically concerning the need for us to schedule the delivery, but we haven’t heard a word yet, it stands to reason we might be waiting weeks for the item.


So if the first sheltered place is the front door, then this thing comes in the front door, but no further. At 250 pounds, It looks like I will be on the treadmill in the foyer.


I would just go to your nearest UHaul and rent a cart, if you don’t have one. 250 isn’t too much. I may not even bother with the cart, but I may be stronger than most who purchase a treadmill, who knows. I would think two guys could manage this pretty easy.

Its also likely you could throw some money at the freight guys, if you’re around when they arrive, just to carry the rest of the way to where it needs to go. I couldn’t imagine a $20 wouldn’t get it done…that’s pure gravy for them.


Well, I got the call today, from the freight company. Should be able to deliver it on the 17th between 3pm and 6pm. Someone does have to be present to sign for the package.

So Im good. Just needed to know the details, holidays are a busy time, to say the least.


excellent! and thanks for the update.


I don’t have any experience with SOLE Treadmills, but I purchased a SOLE E35 Elliptical direct from SOLE’s website in May 2012 for $1100 and have been very happy with it.


Glad I am not the only one who is staring at all things not the treadmill in the photo.


I ordered mine on the 7th and just completed assembly and my first workout on this outstanding treadmill. My advice in this case would be: ANSWER YOUR PHONE! My first call was from the freight company with confirmation of the date and time of the delivery. The second call came 1 hour before the scheduled delivery window. The freight compant was AWESOME. Good Luck with your situation.


Did you find out the trucking company in order to use the tracking number?

Did they state weekend delivery is possible for those that work?


Thanks! And Ill go ahead and answer other posts with this reply as well.

I think it should go well at this point. I DID answer the phone call, and the representative on the other end of the phone was courteous and helpful. The earliest my freight company could deliver was the 17th, that’s only 10 calendar days so while I didn’t get it as fast as you, its still a reasonable delivery time…He did mention my order was being delivered from Amazon…so at least its common knowledge now that Amazon bought Woot.

He said his normal delivery window is 4 hours, but its only 3 hours for Amazon orders, so thats nice. I could pick 3 hour windows between 9am and 6pm.

My specific company was AGS (Associated Global Systems), and given I have a time set up, I didn’t even bother checking the tracking. I would agree, my freight company seems really good, so far anyway.

Did they deliver it to its final location at all, or did you not bother asking?

Lastly, and I know my reply has been a bit all over the place as I type this up fast, but I was told that the earliest I could get it delivered was the 17th, which is a Monday, but he said any day after that works fine too. The 17th worked for me…so I didn’t even bother asking about the weekend.


Have you received any more information on shipping? I received my tracking number today, but it isn’t found, same as your situation.