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Elliptical’s also are good for hanging clothes on.

The Freemotion 510 is $520 at Walmart, new, delivered to the store. Not much of a deal for a refurb here.

and the GG 410 is cheaper @ Walmart, and the new 420 is even cheaper than that! Fail.

Do people still come to woot expecting good deals?

Might be the refurb but still it’s cheaper:

Or you can buy it here for $4599:

And that was via a Google Ad! (The MSRP is $4999 for this unit.)

And here is a review:

its becoming more rare that they actually have good deals. usually you can find it other places cheaper. sh ame on amazon and woot. i know they are not trying to deceive us with these so called deals but it sure feels like it.

Yes, great replacement for clothes hangers. I’m buying 3 to prep for my next garage sale!

My Woot! bought elliptical has literally saved my life (well, extended it I suppose). Sadly it’s torn apart right now while I find a knocking noise that’s driving me nuts. I need to fix it quick so I can get back to working out!

I can’t praise elliptical enough, but you have to put the time in. Otherwise you did buy an expensive clothing rack. Thinking of getting a treadmill too.

Anyone know how the refurbs were refurbed? Manufacturer refurbed with actual parts replaced, or given a quick glance and shoved back in the box?

I placed an order for a treadmill on 1/8 (order 51326442), and was told 3-8 business day shipping. It is January 29, 14 business days after I paid close to $700, and I still don’t have my product. I have emailed woot customer service 6 times, since you can’t call them, and the only ‘assistance’ I have been offered has been 1) a 9 digit tracking number that the UPS site they link me to can’t track when you call them 2) I’ve been told to ask my neighbors if they have it 3) I’ve been told the secondary shipping company ‘should have called me by now,’ and 4) that I should contact them myself. I have tried. When I called UPS, they insisted I have a ‘1Z’ tracking number. I told them I only had the 9 digit number given to me by Woot. They insisted they couldn’t help me. My sister was able to use her resources to find UPS freight, and they provided a new tracking number showing the delivered it to a secondary shipper on 1/22. I called that shipper, and they said they didn’t have it. They were able to figure out that UPS delivered it to the wrong shipper, and they were making arrangements to get it at their warehouse. They finally called me back to schedule a delivery, for today between 9-12. Noon came, no delivery. I called them, and they told me they couldn’t bring their truck over the bridge to my house. I asked why they didn’t call me, and they couldn’t provide and answer. I asked the dispatcher to have the driver meet me, and load the treadmill into my truck. She told me she would try. I asked her when I could expect to meet him, and she said “It probably won’t be today.” This is a day off from work I took, to take delivery of an item I should have received LONG ago. I am disgusted with Woot. They have provided ZERO assistance in this expensive transaction. They have not lived up to their end of the sale. They have not met their shipping promise, and their customer service is appalling. I paid my money in full, and they have not delivered the product in the timeframe advertise. Frauds.

My bike/rower arrived missing parts. After 30 min of hold music I finally got someone in customer service. They will send the missing part but it’s another 7-10 days wait. GRRR