Treasure Commander Metal Detector

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Treasure Commander Metal Detector
Price: $159.99
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A review from TopTenReviews on the Treasure Commander TC-1X:

Video over at Camping World

I couldn’t MAKE myself buy a product that’s in any way related to Duck Commander or their show.

Is that really why it’s called Treasure Commander? Wow. I guess that may be the answer to my next question then, of why you would want a camouflage tool for looking for something hidden under the ground.

You have to be vewy, vewy, caweful sneaking up on tweasure, or it might scuwwy away like a mole or wabbit.

$400 over at Kellyco. But comes with free accessories such as a tent and sleeping bag. If you don’t need the freebies, this looks to be the better “deal”.

Doh, also comes with a fanny pack and a mosquito repellent “appliance” to sweeten the deal further.

I’m tempted but kinda worried there isn’t much feedback from owners of these out there. Also not a fan of Duck Commander.

I sure am disappointed that this unit scored so low in the comfort of use category! I sure hope Woot brings other metal detecting manufacturers for us to choose. I am in the market for one.

We have this metal detector and the Garrett 350, love the Garrett and only use this one if both of us are searching at same time, its heavier and not as easy to use.

Thank you for your feedback

Can anyone who really knows metal detectors comment on this unit? The robots who post on every item posted on wood and only point to amazon reviews are pretty useless. I know at this price I am not getting the best, but I do want the most value for the money spent.

Found the exact same detector for $123 without the ridiculous Duck Commander branding. I almost bought this. Think I’ll pass.

I think you can ignore the reviews in so much that this metal detector being offered does not seem to come with the 11"DD coil. A DD coil is a game changer in performance.

I too was about to pull the trigger on this and then I did some old fashioned due diligence. The F 2, which is allegedly a really good entry level detector can be had with two different coils for about $250. IDK what the shipping and handling are. The forums I read said that these were OK, but too top heavy, and did not discriminate well enough between junk and good items. If it was $99 I would give it a shot, but not when an additional $100 gives me a proven performer. Just my .02 from my reading a couple of forums on the interwebz. I still am not sure if I will pull the trigger on the other model. I like to ruminate over purchases, and often times decide I don’t really need it in the long run.

I don’t care that it’s color is camo…don’t care about it’s name…I don’t care if it’s similar to some TV show that I don’t watch. I do care about the price and it’s ability to find stuff underground, and for $159 this unit does look like a good deal to me. If it doesn’t work as I have read it will from the reviews I have found, then it’s my loss.