Treat House Jumbo Treat Bars, 10 Pack

Treat House Jumbo Treat Bars, 10 Pack

just your usual reminder that it makes zero sense to buy a premium-price rice krispy treat versus making your own unless you really hate to cook


The Cookies & Cream is labeled gluten free but it is not.


It looks like they cut and pasted the description from the m&m bar. @ThunderThighs or @lioncow can fix it but they probably won’t get to it until the morning.

You don’t even have to cook rice krispy treats, unless you consider microwaving butter “cooking”

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100 percent agree. Same logic goes for coffee. It’s incredibly easy and cheap to make yourself and yet… One of the biggest businesses in the US.


Just wondering if anyone’s tried these before, and if so, how do they taste?

Except that I live in BFE and can’t get gluten free rice cereal on a regular or affordable basis, so it’s nice to get these already made AND gluten free.

Yeah, that sucks because they become less of a deal when you can’t eat one of the flavors.

Depends on how patient you are. Coffee from a pod is disgusting. Hell, coffee from a grocery store is disgusting. However if you pollute it with enough milk and sugar, you can’t tell the difference.

I agree that all those forms of coffee are gross. However, I buy my own beans, grind them and do a pour over every morning. Start to finish is ten minutes and I can make my breakfast while it drips. Costs about ten cents a cup and tastes better than anything you’ll get at a chain coffee store.

sounds like a potentially good product match for you. good luck.