Treat Your Windows Right

My question and confusion is on the colors of the Wellington Thermal Panels Set. Am I misled to thinking some of these are solid color and some are with 2 colors? The colors aren’t displayed as well as the Bridgette type.

You’re not at all misled. There are both solid and two-toned sets.

Of the Wellington type? I ask as there is no indication of that in the drop down for the color selection.

Yup, the Wellington, and I see your point! I’ll email our buyers, thanks for pointing that out.

Thank you, meanwhile I’ll ponder my options and hope for an appealing wine.woot to add to my order mañana.

You’re most welcome!

Still trying to figure out if this is an issue with my browser or the site, but when I click on the pictures of the individual rods it doesn’t show what color rod is in the picture. I just want to be sure that what I think is the color is actually the color.


I also am trying to figure this out… What is the color that appears to be black?

The curtain rod colors on the drop down menu don’t seem to match the pictures, which also don’t have any labels. Same for the Wellington style drapes. I can’t tell what color I’m actually ordering.

I’m thinking the Wellingtons are all two tone and maybe the pics are showing the upper color then the lower color?

Me, too! Which color is which? :slight_smile:

Ok, everything should be labeled now. Sorry about that. We shall throw 1000 screaming monkeys at the person who dared to take a vacation.

On the Wellington curtain, they’re all two colors. The vendor gave close ups so you could see the color better. So you’re seeing the top in some pictures and the bottom in others. All this has been labeled and we’ve added that they’re two toned to the features.


Thank you!

Some of the drapes measure 54" wide. If you have to, that makes 108", but all of the rods are only 86"… What do I do!!!

what is the difference between thermal and blackout panels?

This looks like a good explanation.

Short Version
Thermal: For energy efficiency - reduce heat/cold transfer from the window (outdoors)

Blackout: Blocking light.

You want to purchase enough panels to give your curtain fullness - that pleating you see in the picture. General rule of thumb is to get 1.5 - 3 times the window’s width.

Here’s more info.

My wife and I picked up several sets of rods and curtains for our new house - hope to close in the coming weeks! We were so excited about this woot event and the blackout & thermal curtains are going to be great.

Quick question: I know that items are sometimes shipped by Woot and sometimes shipped by the individual seller. What is the case with this event? I know it often takes longer with an individual seller and just curious. Thanks!