Treats For Your Pet When They're Good

What? No love for the cats? Poor kitties…they need treats, too!

Indeed. My man Mowgli is Not Amused!

Both our dogs LOVE Greenies!

Freshens their breath (not that I get that close to dog breath, if I can help it).

Looks like a great deal…

I know, right? I need some cat treats! Kittie greenies are good, too (well, at least they act like they are good).

Unless I’m missing something, Amazon has a box of 96 (vs 30 here) for $22!

Louisa Mae Allcatt and Bond James say, “Kitty Greenies rule!!”
(They don’t really say it, but their kitty ESP is awesome!)
How 'bout it, woot!? Next treat for good pets category will be exclusively feline, right? Purrrrrfect!

We tried greenies once. Once. Our poor pooch has NEVER been so sick in his life. I would recommend reading up on greenies before subjecting your pet to such … I’d say garbage but even when he got into that he was ok.

I just bought 20 for $18 at Petsmart. So unless this is the Everlasting Gobstopper of the pet treat world, this is a massive rip off.

Agreed, one sale at Petsmart for $3.74 right now.

for teeth cleaning, I’ve had much more success with dentastix than greenies. I track the tartar on my old dog’s teeth pretty regularly, because she’s at the age where anesthesia can be trickier than normal. with greenies,nubz, or the x ones they sell at costco, she starts to get build up. The dentastix clear out what’s there pretty quickly and keep them clean after.

all for the kitty greenies, though. would buy those.

Umm folks the woot deal for Greenies is for 3 bags not just 1.

Not willing to purchase if I can’t track where the treats were manufactured and who provided the ingredients. Don’t want my doggie treats connected to China in any way.

Shouldn’t this be called “Treats for your DOG when it’s good”?

Are Greenies even safe? Not to long ago they were making dogs sick! I don’t think I would risk an animals health for better breath. Just saying.

Our dog has been snacking on these for a few years now. Her teeth look great and she’s in great health. Heresay isn’t a very good basis for decision making.

This is a RIPOFF!! Teenie Dental Chews at Petsmart $10.99. I’m embarassed to shop here now.

Unfortunately, that is for ONE bag at petsmart. This offer is for THREE BAGS $19.99 v. $32.97. Woot wins.

Any ‘best by’ date on the Sojos? Big dog beef stew and regular dog bacon cheddar and duck cherry in particular. Thanks!

How is $10.99/bag cheaper than $6.66? I really wish people would actually do some research before spouting wrong information.

As others have said the Woot price is for 3 bags, not 1.

The price on regular Greenies doesn’t even compete with Amazon. Here, it’s 18 oz. for $19.99 + $5 shipping. On Amazon, it’s $19.99 for 27 oz. (actually, with my 15% subscribe and save discount, it’s $16.99) and no shipping with Amazon Prime.