Treats From The Candy Basket

Well there goes my entire Spring candy budget. If I had one. Which I don’t. ALL THE CANDY BASKET FOR MEEEEEEE!

Oh Noooooooooooooooo!

Got the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Caramels just before Valentine’s day. Worth the price. Really good and super rich, so a month later we are just now finishing them.

Bought some of these about two years ago. We still talk about how good they were to this day. Thanks for bringing them back again. In for one. Would be in for more, but waistline can’t handle it.

Every time I see a Candy Basket sale, I look for the Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries, and I’m always disappointed. =(

Oh YES!!! My favorite item you carry. My third time ordering these (dark) caramels. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Perfect timing! I am just about to polish off my last box of Dark and Milk Chocolate Fleur de Sel Caramels. Thank goodness they freeze beautifully. It’s the only thing that slowed me down!

I am always tempted to try these… should I?

I will.

Woot…now, I realize I ain’t always been good — and, ok, so I’ve hammered you a time or two on prices…but c’mon, I promised to pare down my invective if only you’d bring back chocolate-covered potato chips in time for Easter…

But do you do it? Huh, do ya, Woot?

I bought the caramels before and they were good and the prices are fair (caramels at $11.50 lb). But I still prefer See’s Candies, been buying them for 30 years, up to $18.50 lb. now and worth every penny. Their peanut brittle is hands down best ever!

Bought the dark Fleur de Sel caramels for V-Day and oh my goodness! They are so good … quality chocolates all the way. I see I may have to succumb again.

Do Peanut Butter Cups need to be salted? Why mess with perfection? Can someone verify with salt is better for this combination? Thanks.

I finally bought one of the milk and dark chocolate mixes right before Christmas. My expectations were high since the forum goes nuts anytime these are on sale.

My guy and I were not impressed. We don’t really like the milk ones and find them too sweet for our tastes. Their overall texture is also pretty different from the dark chocolate ones.

The dark chocolate ones are good, but we don’t think they’re anything special. Figured maybe our standards are higher than most. I broke up the boxes (yes, I had ordered two, that’s how much I bought into the hype) and gave a bunch away in cute little packages for Christmas. No raves or any other comments ever made their way back to me. So meh.

ETA: Not saying they are bad, but I expected more after all the glowing reviews. That being said, I just got up to get one and am munching on a dark chocolate caramel one now. (Yes, we still have some left from our pre-Christmas purchase.)

Through blind luck I checked in with Woot today, and much to my happiness, the option of dark only caramels. Last time that I saw the caramels available they were milk and dark, and I complained. In for 2 dark only.

Thanks for saying these freeze well. I got several boxes last year and they got hard before I could finish. I only ordered one box this time and I know I’ll regret it.

The salt is not as noticeable on the PB cups as it is on the caramels. My boyfriend flicks the salt off before he eats them. These are not like Reese’s PB cups, which are a creamy PB with a thin chocolate layer that melts in your mouth. The chocolate is thick, the PB is dense, and doesn’t melt in your mouth.

I suspect it’s not “higher standards” so much as it is a difference in preferences. Every time these are made available (and this is a MUCH lower price than posted on the Candy Basket website!) someone chimes in about only liking the dark or only liking the milk chocolate. That’s a matter of personal taste, not of higher or lower standards. Personally, the only time I’ve been able to resist these folks is when they offer the pumpkin filled items. My taste buds can think of no good reason for pumpkin flavored things, but evidently some folks love that.

Woot hasn’t offered the Brandini Toffee in a while. That stuff is pretty darn tasty, too, although I can make it just as good myself with an old family recipe I treasure. These caramels are not something I can make at home. And I’ve already received my email telling me they’ve shipped. Yum!

but are they good?

I’m not sure whether you’d like them. They are not my favorite. I’d prefer they were softer. But my brother-in-law loves them. I agree with the person who said the dark is better than the milk. Maybe if the PB cups were in dark I would recommend.