Tree Border Roll Out Flower Gardens

Doesn’t anyone proofread your text?

“Instructions: Cut the 5” mat into tow 2 1/2" long sections"

There are other mistakes, but I don’t work for free, lol.

I ordered the roll out tree border garden but received instead a vertical shade garden? Not as ordered!

I’m very sorry! please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

SAME thing happened to me. Got the vertical plastic bag and no seeds.

What kind of flowers are in the Sunny Tree mat?

Hi there. Thanks for noting this was missing. We’ll add it to the sale.

Zinnia Orange King 38.65%
Moss Verbena (purple) 12.88%
Moss Verbena (blue) 6.45%
Verbena Hybrida (mixed colors) 25.78%
Wild Petunia (purple) 12.88%
Dwarf Petunia (mixed) 3.36%

When do you plant the roll outs?

Hi there. Pulled this in from another thread:

I ordered both the shady and sunny tree borders and received crap. Crap as in low quality product clearly not worth even close to $10.99 each!
Save your money and buy a bag of dirt and seeds…you will have better luck with less weeds and filler.if you really.want the same mat…go to a dollar store where they have them as well for .99!!

I’m sorry your unhappy. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

This is worthless! We followed the directions and after watering and waiting for results we had poor results. Not worth it!!