Tree House

Those are some pretty stubby roots.

That tree better hope that the chimney is just decorative.

EARL!!! Close the damn door! It’s drafty in here!

Can I use this in a thunder storm? Yes? No?

“Uh, dad? Thanks for the tree house and everything, but that’s not really what I wanted.”

Oh my gosh, how does one shower in such a house? You’d make it way too easy for the peeping Tom’s!

Oh of course! “Tree gutters!” It’s so obvious now!

It may be a tree house…but it could still have walls! Seems pretty useless as it is.

I question the structural integrity of this alleged house.
What’s that antenna connected to? And despite there being a chimney, wouldn’t it be sort of dangerous to light a fire?

I just don’t think you could get insurance on that thing. The threat of termites is too great.

I personally think this kinda house makes Christmas easy!

I would think trees would prefer to live outdoors… You know, photosynthesis and all. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t have any leaves.

“Worst. Contractor. Ever.”

In the winter you could burn the patio for heat. What’s the point of the roof if the rest of the structure is laughably open to the elements?

mmm delicious condition.

It’s appropriate that the first print after the Shakespeare derby is a visual pun. The Bard sure loved his puns. Quite an interesting design, for sure. Congrats on printing!

wonder what kind of tree that was/is?

I feel like I’d have to be a hipster to actually understand this shirt…or at least pretend I understood it and look down on the less artistic and individualistic members of society.

this must be every interior designer’s worst nightmare

Man, it’s going to be tough to hang an HDTV in this place. Also now everyone’s going to see what a dork you look like playing Wii golf…

And now, a question totally unrelated to trees or houses:

Does Woot now use a non-AA blank? In the descrip it says “1 White Woot Tee” and at the bottom of it goes on to describe what a Woot Tee fits like. (as if different from AA)

Pardon me for the foolery. Continue treeing and housing! This is a cool shirt btw!