Tree Of Change

WOW! That’s busy!

Full of life and full of color.

Quite the mesmerizing design! Very nice.

collinvh got a lot of greatness out of the 6 color limit. It’s beautiful!

Thanks thumper chick and to everyone who voted in the derby. I’m very proud of this design, it’s all about new beginnings. Thanks woot!

Your new expressionistic phase is off to a great start. Congrats Collin!

congrats Collin!

Ooooh, I love this. It would be gorgeous as a tote too.

Grats on the print man- love the movement and energy!

Congrats Collin! Beautiful work!

Congrats on the win today, Collin! The colors, the flow - love it.

(BTW, the catalog link in the bio is broken. It should be linking to this page.)

[MOD EDIT: Corrected. Thanks for the spot!]

Excellent design.

Congrats, Collin! Beautiful design.

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