Tree of Invention

cute! I like it! congrats!

great shirt! not sure if going to get or not, but I really like it. congrats on getting printed!

Incandescent, seriously? You’d think that a tree-bulb would be compact fluorescent at least.

That’s a really fine gradient on the lightbulb glow. I hope it prints well.

Also - too bad those bulbs aren’t printed with glowing ink!

I may get one but I don’t understand it. The good thing about wearing intellectual t-shirts though is that you can pretend you do understand them… I think.

swoons igo2cairo!!!

for today and today only, it’s igo2woot! This is a great design… as are most of your pieces, sir!

the lights are hurting the bird, I can assure you of that.

That tree would be much more efficient if it grew CFLs instead of Incandescents.

edit: Totally missed that first comment! Move along…nothing to see here.

not =/= naught

You can also come up with inventions by smoking the color of this shirt, or so I hear.


Really beautiful - I don’t often think of clockwork/steampunk things working on a green base, but it’s really lovely here.

don’t know if I’ll be buying one, but it really does look amazing.

Congrats! I like the subtle glow on the bulbs (though I’m also wondering about how they’ll print?) I don’t even see half-tonage. Mysterrious.

Also, delicious detail on everything else. :9

GROSS!!! are those worms coming out of the bird’s neck?

Agh, Steampunk <3. It makes me want to get it, but the green is pushing me away. What to do what to do.

Regarding the ‘Don’t wear this shirt’ bit - to be more accurate, the mechanical flying thing in Clash of the Titans was an owl named Bubo. Owls are indeed birds, in case you are wondering (I was).

T.A. Edison is turning over in his grave right about now.

kerosene lamps FTW.

this should sell out.

Will it? likely not. But Terry’s sheer craftsmanship should make woot count every sale as two or three.


Lovely shirt ^^