Trees are Jerks

I love this design! I don’t love silver shirts!

They look awful happy about it.

Congratulations, thatrobert! I will never look at trees the same.

Great mix of greens that pop off the silver…sorry if that sounds too much like a salad ; )

Cool! This is for all you scientists. And rude conifers.

Thank goodness trees keep farting all the time! We humans would be dead otherwise!!

Congrats on 1st, Robert!

(Anyone know if silver has fully moved over to mutant blanks?)

Yay for salad!

If their farts are full of oxygen, breathe on.

why have the shirts not been available in kids 12 lately? the womens small is just a bit to small and the kids 12 fits perfect for my kid?? there has been like 4 or 5 this week i have not been able to order her because of this now? womens medium is just a bit to large. the 12 is perfect for her

I think it’s just that we’re currently out of those blanks. Sorry, I know it stinks.

You might check out the men’s small. I’m in between the women’s small and medium, and I actually like that the men’s small is slightly longer than the women’s shirts.

I’m disappointed not to find a chainsaw on sale on Woot’s Tools & Garden section.

I bought a silver shirt on 2/11 it was a mutant.

So disappointed. These shirts would be perfect if only they were scratch 'n sniff! Pine scented air freshener of course.

Congrats Robert!


Grats on the first ace. Love this one. Buying it- Me thinks it’s JUST THE RIGHT SORT OF WRONG to wear at my elementary school!

we have tried that but the mens small is way to long. its like 4 inches longer then the k12 is

Congrats, Robert! I love this so much!

As all the kid sizes are sold out if you do a remix would love it on a brown or royal blue. Once again missed a great shirt.

Did anybody doubt this would take first?
Seriously Awesome work, dude! I think I like it even more than cat carrier. :wink: