Trek 2000 Rechargeable Power Bank

**Item: **Trek 2000 Rechargeable Power Bank
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ugh,what is it?

Beats me, I tried about 10 different numbers, counted the list 2 times as well…

Maybe I have a bad list? Or they messed up?

Either way, another failed BOC for me.

I dont care if it’s gone, this is going to drive me crazy lol. Ive eliminated writers who wrote in different languages according to the wiki. Tried everything 20 different ways and its still not happening.

27254 was the sum, as seen here:

Authors writing in French won the Nobel in 1901 (Prudhomme), 1911 (Maeterlinck), 1915 (Rolland), 1921 (France), 1927 (Bergson), 1937 (du Gard), 1947 (Gide), 1952 (Mauriac), 1957 (Camus), 1960 (Perse), 1964 (Sartre, who declined), 1969 (Beckett), 1985 (Simon), and 2008 (Clezio).

Add them up, you get 27254.

tried that and didn’t realize my browser was including last wrong answer in URL…crap

Thank you!

So why does 1904 (Frédéric Mistral) not count? That’s where I got hung up.

Mistral was from France, but (as far as I can tell) wrote his most famous work (“Mirèlha”) in Provençal (a dialect of Occitan) instead of in French.

That was precisely it. The question was specifically authors writing in French. I based my answer off this list.