Trek Light Gear Hammock w/ Rope Kit

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Trek Light Gear Hammock w/ Rope Kit
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Can’t speak to the hammock, but Trek Light Gear makes excellent products. I use their 500kg carabiners on my hammock. You’d swear they were the cheap ones you get at Lowes they are so small, but 500kg (1100 lbs) is their working strength.

Off topic, but testimony to the manufacturer.

And because someone will wonder… no, you will NOT get two people into these comfortably unless one or both of them are tiny. The way camping hammocks are made, everything compresses in towards the centerline of the hammock, which means the two of you will be getting smooshed into each other’s shoulders.

You can lie with your heads and feet at opposite ends, but after hiking even a short distance, nobody wants to have their head next to your feet.

I’ve had a Trek Light Double hammock for 3yrs, it is awesome. I’ve nappped in my hammock with my wife, no issues if hung correctly. High quality materials, and this is a great price. I paid closer to $90 for my hammock back in 2012. The only down side is there is no netting attached. Not a huge problem, unless you use this in the bug capitol of Florida.

Anybody know if THIS is the ‘included’ rope kit? If so, this IS a pretty good deal!

If you are doing more than a short nap,please don’t use rope to attach to trees. Use tree straps at least an inch wide.


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No it isn’t. Mine just arrived and all it is is a rope with the knots already in it…I was disappointed hoping the carrabiners would be included as well. But this is what it is…