Trendy Swarovski Elements Jewelry

Do not buy!!! I recently purchased several pieces that Woot claimed were Swarovski crystal earrings. In photos they look like perfect gifts for acquaintances. Woot claimed that they retailed for $100 or more. However when they arrived they were no where near the quality I have seen from Swarovski. They looked like cut glass not crystal and in all were very poorly made. I sent woot a letter asking them to take them back as they were not what they claimed to be and I have not gotten a response from anyone. Please save your money and don’t buy any Woot jewelry.

Stay away from these. DO NOT BUY. They are absolute fakes. They come in clear plastic bags (no retail packaging) with no receipt or evidence that they are from Swarovski. Really sad that woot is promoting this.

What’s an “engangment ring”? It seems to be a bit sinister…lol I think this might be a subtle tip to beware.

“Made in China” on the tennis bracelet. No thank you, Woot.

I like the 3ct simulated engagement ring, but I was sent a size 8. I ordered a size 6. What can woot do to fix this?

We’ll be happy to try to get a replacement out (if our vendor has some in stock)- you can check in with our CS team by using the support tab towards the top of the page.

I bought the “Tennis bracelet” that is sold out.
I had bought this product. The lighting was good in the picture, but when I received this product, was straining my eyes to see anything called, “diamond.”
It is pretty though- not what is advertised. BEWARE!!!